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“A plan only banksters will love”: WikiLeaks reveals permanent global deregulation plan

by Jon Lansman.

The Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) a trade agreement covering 50 countries and more than 68 percent of world trade in services is being drawn up between the EU and the US. The draft agreement was supposed to remain secret and you weren’t going to be told why it was being agreed or what its effect would […]

I am Bradley Manning

by Newsdesk.

I am Bradley Manning. Because I believe the public deserves the truth and whistleblowers deserve a fair trial. 1161 days of unjust confinement is enough! Drop the “aiding the enemy” charge Amidst courtroom secrecy, whistleblower and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bradley Manning is on trial after three years of confinement. The information that Bradley gave to the public has […]

If only we had a government we could trust, we should offer Edward Snowden asylum

by Michael Meacher.

Instead of pursuing Edward Snowden to the ends of the earth, as the US is doing, we should be lauding him for the huge service he has done us at enormous risk to himself.   He has revealed the nature of our State and the security services which every citizen of the UK needs to […]

The demonisation of Bradley Manning shows need to protect whisteblowers

by Michael Meacher.

When Bradley Manning comes to trial on 4 February 2013, he will have been held in prison for over 2.5 years without trial. For up to 983 days detention he will not have been confronted with any of the evidence used to charge him. He is held responsible for a number of revelations published by Wikileaks […]

George Galloway, the media, and the end of Respect

by Jon Lansman.

The departure of Salma Yaqoob and the withdrawal as a candidate by Kate Hudson may well mark the end of Respect. The Galloway hate-mongers seem to think the story is all about George Galloway. Galloway is “a sham”, Liberal Conspiracy has it, and Respect is a Galloway “ego-proxy” says Labour Uncut. George Galloway, warts and all, has […]

Assange: no superhero

by Lucy Reese.

Julian Assange. I won’t say that I don’t think the work he did with WikiLeaks was totally awesome and incredibly important, yet as I’ve argued before, I have many reservations towards Assange the person – or rather the persona he projects to the world. Possibly this is because I was slightly underwhelmed when I saw […]

Assange and the left’s messiah complex

by Darrell Goodliffe.

The case of Julian Assange has become something of a pantomime; frankly, the notion of the SAS storming Ecuador’s Embassy is almost as comical as it is tragic. If Ecuador is prepared to taint itself by keeping Assange fattened and atop his pulpit at its own taxpayers expense then more fool it. Certainly, I wouldn’t […]

The Government must stake up the case of Bradley Manning

by Jon Lansman.

Now that the Guardian has revealed that Bradley Manning, the US soldier suspected of having passed US secrets to WikiLeaks, is a UK citizen by descent from his Welsh mother, it is imperative that the British government be urged to take up his case as it (eventually) did not only with British citizens but also other […]

Corporate Britain is running scared

by Jon Lansman.

We know that web-based organisations like Wikileaks and UKUncut are doing a great job, but it is still gratifying to read that corporate Britain is running scared as a result.  The question is will it make the tax dodgers clean up their act. PR Week gives us some clues, but it’s not god news! The […]

Why the Wikileaks cables needed to be published

by Jon Lansman.

El País editor, Javier Moreno, has published an editorial setting out the reasons why his newspaper published the Wikileaks cables. It is a superb statement of justification and worth repeating in full, but further analysis is provided here. Cynics will argue that none of what we have learned from WikiLeaks differs from the usual way […]

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