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Entering a war is easy, but exiting is painful. Didn’t we learn?

by Michael Meacher.

By busting the EU embargo on arms to Syria and insisting on shipping arms into the warzone if the Syria talks fail later this month, William Hague is at risk of triggering a process of retailiation and counter-retaliation which could explode into yet another regional Middle East war. If Russia responds by arming Assad with […]

Hague on about ‘green leadership’ a bit rich when Tory record is deepest brown

by Michael Meacher.

We know there’s more joy in heaven about one sinner who repents than about 99 just persons, but William Hague lauding the government’s green record and calling on colleagues (in a leaked letter) to “avoid losing global leadership on the environment” takes the biscuit. This is a government that seduced voters before the last election […]

British paranoia over “special relationship”

by Mark Seddon.

According to the latest Wikileaks, Conservative party politicians lined up before the general election last May to promise that they would run a “pro-American regime” and buy more arms from the US if they came to power this year. The leaked Embassy dispatches also reveal – in what the Guardian says is “in humiliating detail” […]

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