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Fast Facts: Gender social inequality and austerity in Europe

by Tom Gill.

Europe’s austerity fetish and longer term neo-liberal reforms promoted by Big Business, Governments and the EU Commission hurt women disproportionately. Here’s a few facts to illustrate the point. Europe wide  The gender pay gap is around 16% It ranges from more than a quarter (27%) in Estonia to around a fiftieth (2%) in Slovenia. The latest figures […]

Mayoral candidates: a manifesto for London’s women?

by Christine Quigley.

One of the most interesting fringes at Labour conference was a Demos fringe on London after Boris. Given the speaker list (Andrew Adonis, Tessa Jowell, Sadiq Khan and David Lammy), I was fully expecting it to be the first hustings for London’s Labour Mayoral candidate in 2016. And given the large numbers queuing to enter […]

Rape threats, Twitter and masculine crisis

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Caroline Criado-Perez wages a successful campaign to get Jane Austen onto the £10 note and a pledge that, in future, the Bank of England’s designs will better reflect the actual look and shape of British society. A welcome happenstance for everyone who isn’t white, male and posh. But not all. Unfortunately, the bigger story has […]

Mothers facing brunt of Tory attacks

by Marshajane Thompson.

The economy may for now have escaped a ‘triple-dip’ but women, particularly those of us who are mothers, have experienced a triple- whammy from cuts which hit us as workers, as claimants and as carers. As the Fawcett Society recently identified: Women are being hit hardest by job cuts in the public sector; Women are […]

Have the feminists won, or did Blairism see us off?

by Christine Shawcroft.

NEC member Christine Shawcroft looks at the history of women’s organisation in the Labour Party. When I first tried setting up local women’s organisations in the Labour Party, it was the late 70s and they were generally known as Ladies’ Sections. The word “women” was considered rather uncouth. You needed the agreement of your (overwhelmingly […]

Tories will have to U-turn as usual: but where to?

by Michael Meacher.

As the Tory conference gets under way, one has in all fairness to acknowledge that all governments are occasionally forced to change tack, but this government has turned it into an art form. After a whole series of dizzying about-turns – at least 15 on my count – there aren’t too many exits left, and […]

Respect leader: “Galloway’s comments on rape are deeply disappointing and wrong”

by Newsdesk.

Respect’s leader, Salma Yaqoob has made the following statement on her own website: A heated controversy around Julian Assange … is conflating issues around freedom of speech with debates about what constitutes violence against women. Let me be clear, as a politician and as a woman. Rape occurs when a woman has not consented to […]

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