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A challenge for the trades union movement

by John Millington.

Nazi saluting tanked up extremists who have sworn to rid the country of a religious minority in Britain, run amok through the heart of the capital passing within 200 metres of the House of Commons with a grand total of two police officers in pursuit. Going through all the possible opening paragraphs for a classic […]

Murder in Woolwich

by Michael Meacher.

It was a shocking, abominable murder. But the fear remains that this may not be the action of hatred-obsessed psychopaths, but the beginnings of a long-drawn-out saga of Muslim revenge. The words that the murderer used have already gone round the world: “we will never stop fighting you. The only reason we have done this […]

Woolwich murder: spectacle and message

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Barbarism. That is the only word fit to describe the events that unfolded on a Woolwich street yesterday afternoon. According to eye witnesses a young man wearing a Hope for Heroes shirt was run over and then hacked to death by two men of “Muslim appearance” [sic]. The perpetrators then explained their motives to passers […]

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