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Parliament should have power to force Duncan Smith to resign over WCA deaths

by Jon Lansman.

The report that in just over 2 years up to February last year no less than 2,380 disabled claimants died within 2 weeks of being assessed as fit for work and then having their benefit either reduced or stopped altogether, is beyond shocking. It is arguably the most damning statistic yet of the sheer callousness […]

Iain Duncan Smith demands as many disabled people work as able-bodied

by Michael Meacher.

As part of the government’s plan to extract £12bn from social security benefits, IDS has announced his latest target is “the disability employment gap”. According to analysis of official ONS figures, this represents the difference between the number of disabled people who are in employment (48%) and the figure for the general population (73%). The […]

Disability protesters target Atos benefit test centres

by John Millington.

Disability campaigners laid siege to Atos assessment centres up and down the country today, in a bid to increase public pressure on the government to end what many see as a war against disabled people. Union activists, Disabled People Against Cuts and Black Triangle targeted 144 assessment centres where people are told whether they are […]

Atos campaigners win huge victory

by Michael Meacher.

Ever since the days of Jo Moore who infamously emailed on the day of 9/11 that “today is a good day to bury bad news”, governments thereafter have tended to follow her advice. Hence on the day when Prince George’s arrival was announced to the world, the government cunningly buried the bad news (for them) […]

Support George Rolph: on hunger strike having had his disability benefits denied

by Jon Lansman.

Today, George Rolph is in day 16 of his hunger strike, which he is doing for others going through what he has had to endure, whilst also trying to get the general public to wake up to what is happening to the most vulnerable people in the United Kingdom, a country which once cared for […]

Judges overturn ATOS work capability assessment

by Michael Meacher.

Three cheers for the courts and mental health activists, none for the politicians and the Department of Work & Pensions. This week three judges ruled – as we all knew, but it required the courts to make it the law of the land – that the Government’s prescriptors, regulations and guidelines used to assess whether […]

My speech on ATOS Work Capability Assessments

by Michael Meacher.

I beg to move that this House has considered the matter of Atos work capability assessments. I warmly thank the Backbench Business Committee for enabling me and cross-party colleagues to introduce this debate on Atos work capability assessments. There is enormous concern about the issue both in the country and in this House, as witnessed […]

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