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Yemen’s calamity – blood on Britain’s hands

by Mike Phipps.

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) has published a new report, A Shameful Relationship: UK Complicity in Saudi State Violence by David Wearing. It exposes how the UK’s supply of weapons to Saudi Arabia for its devastating bombing of Yemen systematically violates international law. UK-made aircraft, bombs and missiles have been used in the bombing and […]

The epicentre of the Arab spring isn’t Libya or Syria; it’s Palestine

by Michael Meacher.

Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Syria, rumblings in Morocco and Algeria (and eventually Saudi?) even spreading south into sub-Saharan Africa such as Uganda, but the centre of this upturning of the old despotic order is Palestine. The tectonic shift in the latter has been little noticed, but is more momentous than any of the others. Palestine for […]

Time for an inquiry into the use of British arms in the Middle East

by Owen Jones.

Last Friday, over 50 unarmed protesters were murdered by Yemen’s Western-backed dictatorship. As growing unrest threatened to make Ali Abdullah Saleh the third tyrant toppled by the fury of the Arab street, the dictator opted for a shoot-to-kill policy against his own people:

Libya: regret and reservations

by Michael Meacher.

The mood in the Commons was sober, worried, passive and resigned – not welcoming the dawn of a new era in the Middle East, but fearful that this could be the start of a third, long Western war against a Muslim state.  A bloodbath in Benghazi had been avoided in the nick of time, a […]

Above all, Labour should refuse bipartisan support for Tories on Libya (UPDATED)

by Jon Lansman.

Libya posed a real dilemma for Labour and the Left. On one hand, we want to support the Libyan revolution, to offer any possible protection to the civilian population and are bound therefore to be sympathetic to much if not all of the UN Security Council resolution, as Darrell Goodliffe argued here. On the other, with […]

The case against bombing Libya

by Owen Jones.

The Arab Spring has given way to a cold snap: Tiananmen Square-style massacres of protesters in Yemen, the Saudi invasion of Bahrain and full-blown Western intervention in Libya. Of course, it was never going to be easy. The Middle East is the most strategically important region on Earth, and also boasts the biggest concentration of brutal dictatorships: […]

The West’s Faustian deal with Arab tyranny unravels

by Michael Meacher.

As Gadaffi totters and Saudi Arabia, the Big One, comes into the Arab revolution’s sights, the hypocrisy that has long held the Arab states in bondage is coming home to roost.   The West’s deal with the Arab dictators is coming unstuck, big time. Despite all the Western pretensions about democracy, women’s rights, cracking down on […]

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