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A trade union agenda for Labour

by John McDonnell.

It’s no mystery why all the economic indicators point to the economy emerging from the recession and yet wages are continuing to fall behind inflation. The post-recession economy that is being created is based upon reinforcing the distribution of power between capital and labour that has been imposed upon our society since the 1980s. Thatcher’s […]

Demonising part-time workers

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

They call it a recovery. The OECD has raised its forecast of UK economic growth from 0.8% to 1.5%. This follows on from the British Chambers of Commerce who’ve floated a similar figure. While economics wonks are muttering “caveats, caveats” the Daily Express have had no hesitation proclaiming “Britain’s economic recovery is now in overdrive“. Resting arguments on evidence might […]

Zero hour contracts: some policy proposals

by Keith Ewing.

There has been much hand-wringing about the growing scandal of zero-hours contracts. Apparently the Office for National Statistics has greatly under-estimated the phenomenon, with revised estimates suggesting that at least a million workers are engaged on such contracts. Yet zero-hours contracts are defended on the ground that they provide flexibility for workers as well as […]

The reality of low-hour contracts – zero is just the surface

by Holly Ashby.

This week, it seems that everyone is talking about zero-hour contracts. Yet the problem is far wider – with many workers facing similar insecurities through agreements of slightly different shapes. At the supermarket where I work, many of us are on contracts of ten hours or less a week – in my case, four hours. […]

When will Labour stand up against these assaults on workers’ rights?

by Michael Meacher.

The finding that more than a million British workers (not 200,000 as earlier claimed) are employed on zero-hour contracts tells you half of what you need to know about market fundamentalism in Britain today. The other half is that there are now 2,436 bankers in the City of London taking home more than €1 million […]

The scandal of zero-hour Britain – and it’s getting worse

by Megan Davies.

Ever since Tories won power in 2010, many have commented on the parallels between the dire inequalities of the present day and those of Victorian Britain. Never has this observation been as apt as when, this week, it was discovered that part-time employees at Buckingham Palace, along with those at Cineworld and Sports Direct, were […]

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