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Anti-Roma attacks show need to resist rise of the far-right throughout European Union

by Jeremy Corbyn.

Last Monday saw the wonderful sight of Roma flags raised outside Downing Street, representing a small proportion of the 12 million Roma people who live within the European Union. The Roma suffer huge discrimination and abuse on differing levels in every country across Europe. They were the first victims of the nazis, who shipped them off […]

Hungary swings right

by Tom Gill.

Translated by Tom Gill, from the original by Marco Santopadre The parliamentary elections in Hungary on Sunday confirmed a trend already evident in recent years – a right wing government that maintains its position of dominance and a growing neo-Nazi opposition. The election also saw an increase in voter turnout, by four percentage points, reaching […]

Stand up to racism – support March 22nd rally

by Billy Hayes.

In the run-up to the European elections it is vital that the labour and progressive movement takes a stand against racism. The Tories are adapting to UKIP’s efforts to make immigration the central question in the election. Large sections of the media are only too happy to fuel and facilitate this agenda. Yet the whole […]

What’s behind the anti-immigrant vote in Switzerland?

by Tom Gill.

Translated by Tom Gill from the original in l’Humanité Since the Swiss / EU agreement on the free movement of people, a sense of unease has been growing in Switzerland, fuelled by the crisis and exacerbated by the demagoguery of the extreme nationalist right. The success of the anti-immigration initiative of the far-right Swiss People’s […]

Cause for concern: Darcus Howe and the struggle to expose police racism

by Conrad Landin.

One of the most exciting books on the shelves at the moment is the new “political biography” of Darcus Howe, the activist and journalist. Howe has steadfastly refused, unlike so many others, to join the ranks of the establishment. We’ll be publishing a review soon, but in the meantime, you can read an extract at […]

David Blunkett fuels anti-Roma racism

by Jon Lansman.

The Romani people have uniquely suffered from uninterrupted systematic racism across Europe throughout the last century in spite of the minority rights established in international law by the Treaty of Versailles. In the first decades it ranged from oppressive segregation to genocide. In the Soviet bloc, material standards of living improved somewhat but at the cost […]

Why the Left hates the Daily Mail

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Loathe as I am to pounce upon yet another bandwagon by adding to the dacreage of comment on the Daily Mail‘s ill-judged bust up with Ed Miliband, I cannot refrain from doing so. You see, as a leftie, as someone who values reason, equality and the labour movement, I’m de factoobsessed with the paper – at least that’s what its […]

Mixed reaction to the “defection” of EDL leaders

by Jon Lansman.

The announcement by the Qulliam foundation of the departure from the English Defence League (EDL) by its leaders ‘Tommy Robinson’ (Stephen Lennon) and his cousin Kevin Carroll is clearly a significant development. The Quilliam statement explained that “having set up the EDL, infamous for its street protests, in 2009, they wish to exit this group, because […]

EDL not welcome in London’s east end – be there this Saturday

by Newsdesk.

The fascist English Defence League (EDL) has announced plans to demonstrate in East London on Saturday 7 September. They have attempted to march in Tower Hamlets three times before. On each occasion trade unions, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, other faith, LGBT communities, local elected politicians and many more stood together and prevented them from entering the borough. […]

Owen Jones is as bad as Hitler?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Listen to ‘Far left as bad as the BNP, says Labour MP’ on Audioboo That there Owen Jones, he’s worse than Hitler. Well, maybe not worse but equally as bad. At least according to Simon Danczuk, the Rochdale MP who recently caused a row by openly backing the planned change to extend the aigning on waiting time […]

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