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If you were in Greece, would you vote Syriza or PASOK? But in Britain….

by Kate Hudson.

Last week, Labour voted for the Tory benefit cap. Bad news for those who need to claim benefits, and bad news for those who still hold out hope that Labour will present an economic alternative. This week, we’ve seen Labour’s Lord Warner proposing a £10 a month fee just to see the doctor. Is it […]

Why Marx was right

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I’m currently reading Terry Eagleton’s Why Marx Was Right, a little book that came out in 2011. And, I have to say, it is possibly the best short introductory work to Marx and Marxism I’ve read. And I’ve read a lot. Taking a set of common charges made against Marx (Marx was a determinist, Marx hated individualism, […]

Bob Crow: a reporter’s story

by John Millington.

It was just another average afternoon as a news reporter. I’d bagged a good story and was now waiting for the train back home. Suddenly I see Bob Crow along with other RMT activists waiting to board the same train. He’d only met me on a handful of occasions but he still knew me by […]

Marx was right all along, says investment bank

by Michael Burke.

Well, not quite. But a recent study by leading investment bank Credit Suisse shows that long-term growth rates of GDP in selected industrialised economies are negatively correlated with financial returns to shareholders. That is, the best returns for shareholders are from countries where GDP growth has been slowest, and vice versa. Where growth has been […]

The Europe we want

by Alexis Tsipras.

The continuing economic crisis has revealed both the inadequacies and the limits of the process of neoliberal European integration. It is an integration centered on financial liberalization and a monetary union, which is itself enveloped by a mere replica of the German Bundesbank under the title European Central Bank.  It is a recession-bias process that […]

Sex, power play and Trotskyism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s one that has had seasoned left watchers stumped in bemusement. Back in the day, it was so different. As a general rule, most people exiting revolutionary outfits either returned to private life, or continued being active inside the labour movement. A small minority of comrades, however, would stick with the far left. The ultra-correct […]

The far left’s prospects in 2014

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

On paper the far left agree on many things. The exploitative character of capitalism. The primacy of the working class. The unity of democracy and socialism. The inescapable necessity of revolution. The pro-imperialism of the AWL. And yet it remains as divided as ever. The regroupment projects of the last 20 years have, at best, […]

When protests hit the news bulletins, the victim becomes the aggressor

by Sophie T. Rayworth.

Our media portrays a strikingly Orwellian picture of dissent. The images on our TV screens betray only immediate physical violence; memorably, that of students launching themselves at the Treasury in the autumn of 2010. The comparatively marginal violence of the weak, with their makeshift tools that are unable to touch the foundation of even the […]

It’s hard to disagree with Left Unity about anything much, other than their existence

by Jon Lansman.

I have read several times now the founding statement of Left Unity (set out below) which was carried with the support of three-quarters of the delegates at its founding conference. I agree with it all with the exception of the existential clause, a commitment to “engage in elections offering voters a left alternative” as a party to the left […]

Justice for the Farthing Five: end the victimisation of students

by Conrad Landin.

If you’ve been following recent events in the student movement, you may have heard of yet another worrying development at the University of Sussex. The Brighton campus has held a legendary place in the protest movement this year, as students have repeatedly occupied administration buildings in protest at privatisation and weakening of staff terms and […]

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