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General election 2015: far left candidates – the definitive list

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I just know you’ve been waiting for this: the combined list of far left candidates for the 2015 general election – so far. For once you can believe the hype. This could well be their biggest election challenge ever with 215 candidates – the last time they came close was 2001 off the back of […]

Who are you calling a Red Tory?

by Ben Sellers.

There’s a glorious and comforting myth doing the rounds on the left. It’s like warm milk and honey to those who like their politics black and white, with little or no space for any grey. It goes a bit like this: the Labour left offered no opposition to Blairism north and south of the Border. […]

A response to “I didn’t leave the Labour Party, the Labour Party left me”

by Ben Sellers.

I write this, not as a response to Jack Monroe, who announced that she’d left the Labour Party to join the Greens this week, but as a response to the many hundreds of good, socialists activists who have left the Labour Party over the years. It’s not meant as a rebuke, but merely to ask some […]

On the folly of yearning for the Pasokification of Labour

by David Osland.

Not a few superannuated Bennites, and indeed anybody who prefers their social democracy served straight no chaser, will be entirely entranced by Greek politics right now. Here, for the first time in three decades, is a leftwing European government locked into a collision course with neoliberalism. Circumstances specific to that country have enabled Syriza to win […]

What has Left unity got to do with winning elections?

by Jon Lansman.

The new left party which sees itself as the sister party of Syriza, has revealed its election strategy. Left Unity had already publicly pledged not to clash with other anti-austerity candidates in the general election, whether they are anti-austerity candidates of the Labour Left or from other left organisations to the left of Labour. Now they say they […]

Labour v the Militant tendency (as seen on TV, not for the faint-hearted)

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The past really is a foreign country. Can you imagine if the BBC or ITV ponied up to Labour Party conference and asked to transmit a live debate between Progress and the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy? It’s unthinkable. Yet, in 1982 something similar did happen. At the year’s party conference in Blackpool, the right […]

The right to protest is precious – we must defend it

by Jeremy Corbyn.

The right to protest is a precious and important one. It is fundamental to any democracy. Co-operation with the police has always been a sensitive area and indeed current legislation requires agreement with the police on march and demonstration routes. However, something very fundamental has changed this week. The organisers of the Time to Act […]

It’s reds under the beds time (for the Greens)

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s reds under the beds time! Or rather in the newly insurgent Green Party. According to today’s Mirror, “hard left activists” have flocked to the Greens. Natalie Bennett has been forced to deny that significant numbers of former Socialist Workers Party members have been signing up, though the paper notes “her own partner is an […]

Seven predictions for British politics in 2015

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Seems like an opportune time to channel my inner Nostradamus. “Serious” political commentators as a rule fight shy of making hard and fast predictions because one’s liable to get shown up, especially as the 2015 election will be a close-run affair with all kinds of political insurgents set to skew the result this way that […]

Greek elections: support the popular struggle against austerity

by Newsdesk.

The following is a statement by the Greece Solidarity Campaign issued this afternoon Greece stands on the brink of momentous change. The forthcoming general election presents huge, transformative opportunities to the people of Greece – and to Europe more widely. The anti-austerity party SYRIZA – and the movement and people as a whole – has […]

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