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Inequality and British Capitalism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

As we saw the other day, inequality has become so pathological that capitalism could seize up. When lucrative markets are locked down, when governments bow and scrape to big business, when social mobility is choked off, and the unobtainable opulence of the vanishingly few is crassly paraded in front of the many, capitalism is going […]

The lesson of Hetton and the basis of a new vision for the British working class

by Dave Anderson.

I write this as the immensely proud Member of Parliament for Blaydon. I write it in the aftermath of what has been described as a political earthquake and I write it based on four decades of activity in the Labour movement alongside 36 years of working in coal mining and as a care worker in […]

Lazy thinking and the election results

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Some points challenging the avalanche of lazy thinking tumbling off Mt Politics about the local election results. Complacency, part one. UKIP did very well, they won 161 seats. It is very silly, as some do, to bang on about the party having zero MPs and not winning any councils. Outside of London, UKIP have put […]

Class politics, Miliband-style

by David Osland.

If I was asked to name one single issue as ‘the greatest challenge’ facing our generation, then restoring the privileges of Crouch End yummy mummies and all those financial services blokes jam packed into the 08:12 from St Albans probably wouldn’t be it. But such is the contention of Ed Miliband, who told the Daily Telegraph […]

Benefits Street – a deliberate attempt to offend an audience

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

We Brits love our two minute hates, and going by the bile trickling down Twitter this evening Channel 4’s Benefits Street has cornered that market. So a few points. This programme, despite its obvious opportunism, was conceived and produced by metropolitan elite-types. And metropolitan I, of course, mean London. In typical path-to-hell fashion perhaps the filmmakers genuinely […]

Political Scandal and Indifference

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Let’s look at what you would’ve won. No more privatisations. No market fundamentalism. An extension of trade union rights. A thriving mining industry using the most advanced technology in the world. A joined up approach to finance and industry. A strong labour movement. Communities proud of their history. All under three successive Labour governments, dating […]

Russell Brand makes mincemeat of Paxo

by Newsdesk.

An impressive attack on the political class, inequality, corporate greed, environmental irresponsibility and much else by Russell Brand. Great stuff. Many readers may be irritated by the fact that he has never voted – is that an indication of an anti-politics stance? – but he certainly makes mincemeat of Paxman. Judge for yourself – watch […]

George Osborne and ruling class decadence

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

If you think this is about the chancellor’s youthful larks with Natalie Rowe, you will surely be disappointed. What’s more important – and far more damaging – from the standpoint of British capital is his current game of footsie with the Chinese Communist Party. The very notion that not only is he letting the Chinese […]

On Jack Monroe, Jilly Luke and the perils of blogging

by Jon Lansman.

Two days ago, we published a piece entitled Lentils and lager: why we forgive tax evaders but not benefit claimants by Jilly Luke about the media portrayal of benefit claimants. It has generated quite a storm, and received over 8,000 hits in 48 hours, more than any other article on this site. It argued that the […]

Lentils and lager: why we forgive tax evaders but not benefit claimants

by Jilly Luke.

Please note that there is now a supplement to this article including reaction to the response by Jack Monroe. Comments are now closed here but may be made on the new article. You don’t need me to tell you that everyone on benefits is a money-grasping sponger. Or that every asylum seeker is parachuted directly […]

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