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Why Some Labour People Don’t Like Blair

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Is Tony Blair Labour’s greatest ever leader? John McTernan certainly thinks so. He lays out Blair’s stall and talks up the nice things he achieved in office. It begs the question, what is wrong with those people who grumble about him? Rising employment, stable public finances, the minimum wage – Gordon Brown couldn’t have inherited a […]

Union money is the cleanest in politics. Tony Blair’s is not. Let him keep it

by Jon Lansman.

The New Statesman reveals today that Tony Blair, who again praised Miliband’s party reforms at the weekend, is considering making a “large donation” to Labour. How appropriate. The party turns its back on trade union money which even those closest to Ed Miliband still admit is the “cleanest money in politics”, and turn instead to someone now reputedly worth […]

Why is Blair given a veto over disclosure of his dealings with Bush before Iraq war?

by Michael Meacher.

It is now more than 2 years that the Chilcot inquiry into the origins and management of the Iraq war have been stalled in Whitehall, and it has now emerged that this is because the Chilcot panel has been told they cannot disclose 25 notes which Blair wrote to Bush, plus more than 130 records […]

Progress: a political embarrassment

by Frances Docx and Conrad Landin.

Dan Hodges is not the most reliable of soothsayers. On the eve of the announcement of Ed Miliband’s victory, the journalist and self-described “Blairite cuckoo” infamously proclaimed that “David Miliband has won.” But Hodges, who now pops up whenever Newsnight or Sky News require a useful idiot to attack the leadership qualities of Miliband the […]

Iraq ten years on: lessons still not learnt

by Michael Meacher.

The facts, no longer seriously in dispute, are stark. The US went to war over Iraq because of oil and to assure themselves of a platform for control of the Middle East region, as set out in the Project for the New American Century document published for the Bush election team in September 2000. As we […]

The Thatcherite agenda lives on more for Blair than for Britain

by Bryan Gould.

The poll conducted by You-Gov Cambridge and published this week in The Guardian shows that the British are more ready than the Americans, French and Germans to affirm their continued belief in the values of fairness, compassion, and concern for others, and to look to their government to act in line with those values. The […]

An extended silence from Mr. Blair would now be welcome

by Michael Meacher.

Tony Blair obviously cannot get over being ousted from the premiership and ejected from British public life. First he attacks his successor Gordon Brown and boasts immodestly that he would have done better at the 2010 election (a very open question, though Labour would certainly have done better in 2010 with neither of them). Then […]

Was Blair the ideological child of Thatcher?

by Andy Newman.

To steal a joke from the late John Sullivan, Tony Blair’s tribute to Baroness Thatcher sounds like a eulogy to John the Baptist from Jesus. However, while it may be difficult for some on the left to accept, particularly those of us who ten years ago were fulminating against the crime of Blair’s war on Iraq, […]

10 years on from Iraq: a violent country and a secretive state

by Michael Meacher.

At the tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, it is said that the US won the war, Iran won the peace, and Turkey won the contracts. But did the US win the war? At a cost of £1.1 trillion and a death toll of 4,500 US troops, 32,000 wounded and with thousands […]

Tony Blair worth up to £60m, with complex web of companies “to hide just how much money he makes”

by Jon Lansman.

The Sunday Telegraph yesterday reported that Tony Blair “will enter the rich-lists for the first time this year with a fortune of somewhere between £35 million and £60 million” and, according to accountants, he also has “a complex web of companies, designed… to hide just how much money he makes and from where his money comes.” According […]

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