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As Unite General Secretary, I will…

This is Len McCluskey’s official statement as a candidate in the election for Unite General Secretary.

In a couple of weeks from now, you will be asked to vote for the first General Secretary of Unite. You will need to feel confident that the person you choose has the ability, experience and commitment to work for YOU.

I know that hundreds of thousands of our members are worried about job security, pay and pensions, and in recent months I have met with thousands of your shop stewards and representatives to listen to those concerns while sharing our vision for the future.

I know you want

  • A union that delivers for you
  • A union that is there for you when you need it
  • A union that is not afraid to stand up against bad employers and speak up against injustice
  • A union that defends jobs, improves pay and protects pensions
  • A union where you matter and your voice is heard

We need a united union more than ever. We are all proud of our heritage; TGWU, AEEU, Unifi, GPMU and MSF, but it is now time for us to go forward as UNITE.

I will embrace all of the talents that we have to ensure we succeed.

I have been humbled by the breadth of support that I have received from every industrial sector and region across the union. Support from over 830 Branches and Workplaces, representing over 400,000 members, only comes when people have reason to know and trust you. I am proud to have earned that trust. I will not let you down.

With a recession biting and employers attacking our union to weaken us, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE. I have a proven track record for supporting and winning for members – 40 years as a shop steward, officer and now as Assistant General Secretary. I have led campaigns: saving workplaces and thousands of jobs while securing better pay and conditions for workers.

My experience covers the Public and Private sectors, Skilled and Semi-Skilled as well as Blue and White collar workers, and I intend to use this experience to deliver for the whole union.

Unite has the potential to be a great union but change is needed if we are to make you proud.

Too often support members get is simply not good enough.

Members when they contact the union are entitled to expect a rapid response, not be pushed from pillar to post. It’s no excuse to say resources are limited whilst vast sums of money are spent on extravagances at the top of the union.

I will stop this and make sure all resources are channelled to help members.

I will re-launch Unite:

  • Uniting our members and the public against devastating public spending cuts, imposed by the Con-Dem government and threatening jobs and services for millions
  • Campaigning for economic policies that supports jobs in manufacturing, finance, transport and construction
  • Creating a 24/7 “one stop shop for members”
  • Committed to equality, combating racism, prejudice and advancing the role of women
  • Using the skills and experience of retired members seeing them as a valuable resource
  • Committed to organising. I will build on our achievements whilst learning from our mistakes
  • We need value for money from in the political arena. No more blank cheques for New Labour

I am not bothered by the personal attacks from the right wing media or their ‘dirty tricks’. It tells me I must be doing the right thing for workers.

I pledge to commit all of my energies to support you and my guiding principle will be:

MEMBERS FIRST – not Ministers or Managers.

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  1. Janet Mears says:

    If you think Len McClusky is the best man for Unite then I am afraid you are to the right of center & not left.

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