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Left wins big majority on Unite Executive

Following the election of Len McCluskey, the Left has consolidated its control of the union in elections to its executive. United Left, which promotes a socialist agenda within Unite and backed Len McCluskey, has won forty of the 59 places so far declared on the 65 seat executive. A further four places were won by candidates backed by Unite Now, a group based mainly amongst former Amicus members which also backed Len McCluskey.

The Grassroots left, who supported Respect (and ex-SWP) member Jerry Hicks for General Secretary failed to win any seats on the NEC, although they did achieve 23,192 votes which, given the turnout, is comparable with the 22% vote Jerry Hicks received for General Secretary. Ten seats were uncontested, and where elections were held, turnout was rather lower than the 16% who voted in the election of General Secretary — ranging from 4.7% to 10.9%. The detailed results are as follows:

Aerospace & Shipbuilding



Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Process and Textiles Mark Lyon
John Storey
Civil Air Transport Sean Beatty
Gaynor Worrell
Community workers and not for profit Kingsley Abrams
Pat Stuart
Construction John Sheridan
Meurig Thomas
Docks, Rail Ferries & Water


Education Sue Sharp
Electrical Engineering and Electronics Paul Welsh
Energy and Utilities Dave Whitnall
Finance and Legal Lindsey Adams
Jim Kendall
Agnes Tolmie
Food Drink and Tobacco Mark Plumb
Dennis Wilson
Graphical Paper and Media Sara Bennett
Glenn Jackson
Health Helen McFarlane
Frank Wood
IT and Communications Ian Allinson
Local Authorities Jennifer Elliot
Dave Mathieson
Metals (including Foundries) David Bowyer
MOD and Government Departments Chris Cadman
Motor Components Peter Russell
Passenger Transport Martin Mayer
James Mitchell
Road Transport Commercial, Logistics and Retail Distn Michael Johnson
Dave Williams
Rural and Agriculture Ivan Monckton
Servicing and General Industries Kevin Bennett
Moira Elliott
Howard Turner
Vehicle Building & Automotive Chris Bond
John Cooper
East Midlands Steve Hibbert
June Shepherd
Ireland Therese Moloney
Jimmy Neill
London and Eastern Kwasi Agyemang-Prempeh
Brian Holmes
Lizanne Malone
John Murphy
North East, Yorkshire and Humberside Ruth Creaney
Pat McCourt
Stephen Miller
North West Des Graham
Sharon Hutchinson
Tony Woodhouse
Scotland Davy Brockett
Marie Vannet
South East tba
South West Jayne Taylor
Mark Thomas
Wales John James
Sharon Wallace
West Midlands Mick Forbes
Maggie Ryan
National womens’ seat Jane Stewart
National BAEM tba

Names in red indicate United Left, and in purple Unite Now

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