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Labour internal elections

For those who follow internal Labour elections closely, the nominations have closed on a number of internal Labour elections that take place at Annual Conference.  In the trade union section of the national executive, these will result in a shift to the Left since Jennie Formby and Martin Mayer of Unite are well-known members of United Left, the union’s broad left, and Rebecca Peterson of ASLEF is likely to defeat Susan Lewis of Community for the final place. Norma Stephenson (UNISON and current NEC Chair), Cath Speight (UNITE and current Chair of Organisation Committee) and Chris Weldon (UNITE) are not restanding. The remaining elections at conference have in recent times been fixed for the right-wing candidates largely though the ‘efforts’ of certain party officials. It remains to be seen whether this happens again. Don’t hold your breath! The nominations are:


Division I – Trade Unions
13 candidates nominated for 12 places (at least 6 must be women):

Rebecca Peterson ASLEF
Andy Kerr CWU – incumbent
Mary Turner GMB – incumbent
Andy Worth GMB – incumbent
Harriet Yeo TSSA – incumbent
Jim Kennedy UCATT – incumbent
Keith Birch UNISON – incumbent
Wendy Nichols UNISON
Jennie Formby UNITE
Rachael Maskell UNITE – incumbent
Martin Mayer UNITE
Paddy Lillis USDAW – incumbent

Division II – Socialist Societies
1 seat – uncontested

Connor McGinn – Labour Party Irish Society
(who replaces Simon Wright of LGBT Labour)

This body deals with disciplinary matters.

Two elected uncontested

Richard Ascough GMB
Lee Vasey UNITE

Two seats

Rose Burley — incumbent, Labour First (Right slate) elected uncontested

Second seat is between:
Kevin Hepworth — incumbent, Labour First (Right slate) – 25 nominations
Mark James — Grassroots Alliance (Left slate) – 39 nominations
John Wiseman – 17 nominations

Conference Arrangements Committee – CLP Section
Two to be elected – at least one woman

Sue Anderson – 1 nomination
Presley Antoine – 1 nomination
Michael Clarke – 1 nomination
Catherine Donovan — Grassroots Alliance (Left slate) – 47 nominations
Ann Groves – 1 nomination
Robert Gunn – 1 nomination
Gary Heather — Grassroots Alliance (Left slate) – 40 nominations
Seema Malhotra — Labour First (Right slate) – 82 nominations
Martin Phillips — Labour First (Right slate) – 28 nominations
Rachel Reeves MP – 34 nominations
John Wiseman – 6 nominations

(Hat-tip – Luke Akehurst)


  1. Peter Kenyon says:

    Dear Jon

    Congratulations for an honest attribution of backing for each candidate whether of the centre-left or the right or none.

    A breath of fresh air compared to Comrade Akehurst’s list.

  2. Andrea says:

    CAC can be interesting with Reeves in the middle of GA and LF candidates

  3. John Wiseman says:

    I feel this is a turning point for the party a centre-left slate, a slate with no meaning and left independents interesting

    All the best


    1. Jon Lansman says:

      John: 18 months ago, you promised the LRC hustings you wouldn’t stand for the NEC if you weren’t selected as the LRC candidate. You weren’t but you broke your promise and, of course, stood no chance of being elected so merely damaged the chances of other Left candidates. You stand for everything, without any sense of collective responsibilty. You get elected to nothing. This is no turning point. You will lose again as you deserve to do. You’re not an “independent”, you’re an incorrigible individualist, always willing to sacrifice the interests of the left for your ego trip of the moment.

  4. John Wiseman says:

    Dear Jon

    I feel this shows the left does need a refocus on itself, just like to say collectivism means to consult everybody, unfortunately, apart from the LRC, I can’t see that happening, and so hence if we are not collective the result is invidualism. Everybody needs a political strategy and I am sorry to say, many aint, including yourself (as well as others). So all I can say is when democracy previals, and is used by people to stand for socialism, when you have this let me know, and I will be involved. As a active member of Unite left and AUG before that I have the track record of being on the left.

    You are the divider, I stand for collectivism.


  5. Matty says:

    I think Jon Lansman is bang on the button. I’m afraid that the broken promise cited by Jon is just one of the many reasons why Mr Wiseman lacks credibility.

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