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Sign the petition against bring back hanging

The government’s new e-petition site went live yesterday and provided the mechanism for two petitions, one for restoring the death penalty and the other opposed to doing so. At the time of writing, the pro-hanging petition put down by Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes) has won over 7,000 14,000 signatures, but the anti-hanging petition put down by Martin Shapland over 13,000 22,000.

The anti hanging petition reads as follows:

Petition to retain the ban on Capital Punishment

A petition to call on the government to retain its position regards the abolition of the Death Penalty for all offences.

That the British people note that only 58 nations currently use capital punishment, as opposed to 95 which have abolished it, further notes the un-retractable nature of such a sentence in incidents of miscarriages of Justice, further notes the death penalty does not reduce crime or act as a deterrent and in US states which practice capital punishment incidents of homicide are higher than US states which do not, further notes the higher cost of capital punishment compared to life imprisonment, believes that British Justice should not be in the same league as China, Iran, North Korea, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Syria which do practice capital punishment on a routine basis and that the death penalty is the ultimate denial of human rights and an affront to the values of British Justice.

Sign it here!


  1. Malcolm Bush says:

    I have never believed in capital punishment; however with all the contentious issues surrounding the justice system at the moment it’s even more important to say no.

  2. Neil Cramer says:

    I believe that with more and more murderers and paedos locked up for “LIFE” with play stations and a life of luxury in there cells, why we should pay for them after there crimes against others, taking away there human rights is just not right. Also if the do gooders who vote against this had there children snatched or a loved one murdered i’m sure their vote would change immediately from no to yes.

  3. mrs r.m. watkins says:

    The cost of imprisoning child killers & terroists
    is obscene.

  4. Jack Russell says:

    I think capital punishment should be brought back, people don’t worry about their crimes these days because they get a few years locked up in luxury and it will make people think twice before committing a crime. bring it back and get rid of all the scum.

  5. Dave Blackshaw says:

    I dont think we are doing enough to bring capital punishment back…This country will be far richer if we bring back hanging by saving the enormous costs of imprisoning these paedo’s and murderers with their DVDs, X Box’s and playstations as well as cable TV and we even provide them with porn movie’s and magazines as part of their ” Human Right”…What about the Human Rights of their victims…. Its a joke

  6. Pete Barton says:

    I cannot understand what it will take before the idiots in power or the liberal minded do-gooders realise that the softly, softly approach just does not work. So many decent people are having there lives ruined by this scum that is spreading like a virus in our country. It is time that we string a few up as an example to other potential Killers, Rapists, Child molesters and the like. Get rid of the Human Rights act and put an end to this society which panders to the perpetrator and not the victim.

  7. Kathy Everitt says:

    Bring back hanging now. There is no risk anymore of the wrong person swinging – we have the wonder of DNA. There are absolutely no deterrents in this country anymore, nothing to fear. Even in the overcrowded prisons the scum are well catered for with their pool tables, porn mags, etc. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if prison really meant total withdrawal of everything – complete deprivation of all things pleasurable. This country has had it. All the do-gooders need to take a good, hard look at what their namby-pamby attitude has helped create. Why should we be saddled with the cost of keeping the low life for years on end whilst their victims continue to suffer, never really feeling that justice has been done. If they knew they faced the ultimate punishment then maybe they’d think twice and, if the crime was the result of imbibing drugs, even better. We’d kill (literally) two birds with one stone!

  8. James Barwick says:

    Here Here…I agree with everything on this page….I think that everyone should vote on the pages….well done guys and gals for all your comments

  9. R.Cadwell says:

    Hanging should never have been taken away, if it hadn’t been we wouldn’t have seen so many good people murdered as others have said there is nothing to stop these people doing what they do as they don’t mind going to prison as the get everything they want without having to work for it, they don’t even have to work or pay taxs or any bills but we have to keep them feed them we on the out side are the one’s that are being punished, but another thing I will say is that if the do gooders are worried that some could be put away wrongly then if that is proven they should be let go with compen: but if he could be a murderder but we don’t have lets 96 per cent proof then don’t hang him or her until we do. So good people keep up the good work write to your MP he or she will one day get the point I’m sure.

  10. Joan Galbraith says:

    I agree with ALL the comments for bringing back hanging, THE PUNISHMENT DOES NOT FIT THE CRIME.

  11. Jan burgoyne says:

    Yes they should bring back hanging.Its a life of luxury in prison,no bills to pay,all your food cooked for you,no tax to pay,yet getting every thing.I`m a pensioner and really struggle to pay my bills and buy food I`ve worked all my life and have lived a honest life,but get treated like an outsider.Punishment should be punishment,I feel like I`m the one being punished like thousands like me.

  12. Dave C..... says:

    Will all the do gooders still think hanging is an infringement of a persons civil liberties after two animals ran down an off duty soldier in London and butchered him to death with machetes whilst he was unconscious.
    Absolutely no doubt they did it as we have them on cctv with the weapons and blood on their hands, admitting to the camera that they did it.
    Give them to our SAS to extract justice soldier to soldier if that’s what they think they are.

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