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Farewell then, Dan Hodges (slightly updated)

So farewell then, Dan Hodges, from the pages of the Staggers. It staggers on without you. You provoked a twitter storm with the story “did he go or was he pushed” breeding sequels #savedanhodges (Mehdi didn’t want to) and even #sackMehdiHasan. In your greatest scoop to date, greater even than your calling the leadership contest for David, you revealed to the world the truth – you resigned but only because you were pushed.  The pusher? Ed Miliband (or his minions) whose epitaph you now write on a regular basis on numerous sites (like here) thoughout the blogosphere.

We used to enjoy your stuff, Dan. Well written, amusing. Heresy is often good value. But you can do it too often*. And in too many places. We look forward to reading you, occasionally, at The Spectator. Guido‘s already put in a good word.

* Dan’s last four pieces at the Staggers were: “Ed’s hit himself with a hammer. Why is he surprised it hurts?“, “No one likes Ed Miliband. But he doesn’t care“, “Will The Man In the Street Become Ed’s Friend?“, “Ed Miliband has a strategy. It’s called Ralph Nader“.


The New Statesman understandably sought to diffuse the criticism of its alleged censorship of Comrade Hodges. Doesn’t alter the fact that Dan Hodges himself tweeted an endorsement of Guido’s line – he may have resigned but it was because of the objections of Ed’s team. Who are we to believe?

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  1. G Philip says:

    Given his obsession,I am tempted to believe he left in a huff cos they spiked his 5th story. Seems he never got over saying D Miliband won. I would not be surprised if he did actually did go to the Telegraph.

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