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Tory sub-prime mortgage scam exposed → Green plastic monopoly houses, by

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  1. gren stach says:

    The new government housing policy is just a massive subsidy to the private house-builders and land speculators.
    People living in sub standard housing are there precisely because the government cut housing budgets, most are on low paying and minimum wage jobs, even zero hour contracts or unable to find work.
    What do these people need? Hardly expensive houses that they can never afford (indeed, the government has admitted that it will not guarantee homes for the current residents, so this is a cover to move the poor and vulnerable on to somewhere else but where remains unknown).
    People need jobs. Local jobs, local industries. It has been said that many of these areas are in the north but this does beg the question – why are companies concentrating their business in the south where rents and wages are all high?
    A housing policy that gives an up to 80% payment to private companies is a massive subsidy that is all but in name a breach of EU competition rules.
    Only the big businesses will profit from this scam, those in need will be forced out yet again and left with nothing, blamed for being homeless.

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