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Party executive and general secretary reassert control

Although everyone is at pains to claim that there was never a problem in the first place, the reality is that, at this week’s Labour executive meeting, the executive and its general secretary reasserted their control over the party after the recent public rows over the new management board.

The position of Sir Charles Allen has been ‘clarified’ after it had been clearly stated in a letter from Ed Miliband that the new board would be “led by Tim and Iain, and chaired by Sir Charles“. Sir Charles will soon complete his role and the board will be headed up, as it should be, by the general secretary. The Board will be accountable to the party’s national executive through its officers and relevant committees.

Those corrupt and rotten remnants in the party machine of the old command and control regime who leaked (mis)information about what was happening to Guido Fawkes and other journalists hostile to Labour will have hope in the process to have undermined the position and influence of Iain McNicol. Some in the Leader’s office had similar objectives. Iain McNicol in fact emerges strengthened by the affair and the party executive has strengthened its position too. The party cleanup may now continue.

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