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68 is too late: spread the word

Left Futures previously reported the establishment of the the ‘68 is too late’ campaign against increases in the state pension age, and urged you to sign the petition. The campaign is already supported by a dozen trade unions, the National Pensioners Convention and the National Union of Students. This is a campaign whose importance is magnified by the experience of depression and austerity: not only is it important to older people but also to young people who will find it harder for longer to find work if older people are forced to keep working (as well as facing even higher retirement ages themselves). That’s why François Hollande has cur retirement ages and it’s why we are now asking you to get local support for the campaign from your constituency Labour party, trades council or trade union branch by passing a model motion drawn up by the LRC:

Model motion: 68 is too late

This [CLP / union branch / trades council] notes that the state pension age is due to rise from 65 to 66 from 2018, to 67 from 2026 and to 68 from 2044 – and thereafter rise with increases in average life expectancy.

We note that life expectancy varies depending on social class – with ONS statistics showing that the poorest are already three times likely to die before 65 than the wealthiest – and, of those who reach 65, those who worked in manual professions die 30% earlier than ‘professionals’. For example, men in Kensington & Chelsea live 14 years longer on average than men in Glasgow and over 8 years longer than men in Newham.

We further note that the wealthier you are the earlier you can afford to retire. Therefore wealthier people will retire earlier and live longer, while poorer people will retire later and die sooner.

In contrast to the situation in the UK, we further note that the state pension age in France is 62 and that the new socialist French President has legislated to reduce it to 60 for some workers.

On equality grounds, we therefore call for Labour to oppose any increase in the state pension age, and to commit to reversing the increases when back in power.

We agree to support the ’68 is too late’ campaign – supporting the actions and protests it organise – and to send a copy of this resolution to Labour leader Ed Miliband, shadow pensions minister Gregg McClymont MP and to our representatives on the National Policy Forum.

If your organisation has passed the motion, please email to let them know.

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