Firebox: a new space for the left

Counterfire, the cultural-political project formed in 2009 by former members of the Socialist Workers’ Party, is behind a significant development in the vibrancy of the activist left.

The group has established a new cultural space, meeting zone and café in central London, which aims to emulate the Partisan Café of 1958-61. Called the Firebox, the space is already hosting a series of talks and discussions at 106-108 Cromer Street, London WC1.

A grand launch on Saturday 6th October will feature Tony Benn; anti-war activist, author and former Respect London mayoral candidate Lindsey German; former University of London Union president Clare Solomon; Sanum Ghafoor, creator of the #blamethemuslims hashtag; and more. The space is also advertising for staff.

  1. ‘Left Futures is…The best that’s Left in Labour.’

    So why exactly are you publicising a particularly miniscule factionette of an unholy alliance of middle class Trots and Fantasy Jihadists?

    As setting up coffee shops in WC1 is not cheap one also wonders who exactly is bankrolling this doomed enterprise.

  2. £25,000 pa in rent is a lot of lattes for the comrades to sell, anyone else smelling a new sugar daddy for Rees and German?