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Welfare reform: we can’t relax yet

Cracks are appearing at the very top of Government. Yesterday’s Guardian has reported that Iain Duncan Smith, has been warned by his own advisers that a vital element of his flagship bill to simplify the benefits system is “unworkable and unfair”.

I have collated a string of such media examples proving that campaigners against the welfare reforms are beginning to force our message up the media agenda, which demonstrates the Government is in chaos over Welfare Reform. It has overrun its budget by £100million, delayed by 9 months, and the business case cannot be proven because ministers have refused a freedom of information request.

The worst thing we can do now is to relax. The Welfare Reform bill is an invention of this government cloaked behind a promise to simplify the benefit system by pooling all work related benefits under a new Universal Credit. The repulsive string attached though is a benefit Cap which the government says ensures no one can get more on benefits than at work, thereby, supposedly encouraging being at work instead on benefits. All this strikes a chord with some who are conned by a scrounger mentality.

However at the same time this Government’s extreme austerity policies have made it impossible for the economy to produce the jobs needed to go around to the number of people affected by the bill. To add insult to injury, the Cap targets the Housing element of the benefit, forcing tenants, mainly in the more ‘affluent’ parts of our cities and in the private rented sector, to choose between buying food, or paying the rent instead. This is a repulsive policy hiding a more sinister plan of social cleansing as it targets people with low incomes or those out of work, people who would normally have a tendency to vote for more left leaning political parties.

I urge you now more than ever, if you haven’t already, to please sign my e-petition against the reform. When you have signed it please forward this message to all your contact list, and ask them to do the same. Within this multiple email chain, if we can persuade just 5 people to sign the petition, we could reach the magic 100,000 signatures within 8 months, which is what we need to force a debate in Parliament.

Remember, all e-signatures must be confirmed by clicking on a link in the email you will be sent automatically when you first sign.

Please help make it happen.


  1. Robert says:

    The saddest part is of course labour is backing this, or so we are hearing, how sad is that.

    I did sign your petition sadly not too many will.

  2. jeremy williams says:

    the rich kingdom aka united kingdom controlled by the joke party aka conservative party are running our country into the ground. the uk up until the latest lot of no brainers got elected was a country others wished they had. because we protected the sic against further suffering and helped the poor through tough times making us a united country to be proud of. 2012 is the year the rest of the world will look at the uk and see because of ignorance, greed, cold hearted spite, see people grudge helping the weak and less fortunate blaming them for the state of the economy. nothing gained from the pathetic retesting of the sic, millions wasted with no profit. now benefits cut will see children all over the country with no home no food and no hope. when the pathetic benefit cuts proposed against the disabled, the unemployed, housing benefit and now the nhs the shit is really going to hit the fan. people will have no option but to fight back. while the government waste millions of money and time on benefit noform the economy gets flushed bit by bit down the pan. to take away a persons benefit at a time when there are no jobs available is a sure way to force someone to crime, violence and rioting on a scale they are not prepared for because it will be the only desperate way left to feed their children thats an instinct no test or law will ever be able to take away.
    common sense deal with the problems with the economy so there is at least another alternative to benefits, support the disabled that are to ill and need help not persecution, to assume they want to be ill is pathetic. fight the fights that need fighting not the 1s you know you can win. seems to me you dont want to do hard work any more than anyone on benefit you brand lazy scroungers. building a strong economy is hard work but hard work is not meant to be easy that seems to be the thing that scares you the most. why else would you put so much effort into taking money from the sickest weakest most vulnerable people and children of the uk.
    prior, planing and preparation prevents a poor piss performance. work capability test our score 0 out of 15 result you no longer qualify for benefit and are fit for a job that dont exist. public opinion test of the joke party your score 3 out of the 7ps result poor piss performance you no longer qualify for my vote as you failed to protect the uk from suffering and pain they dont deserve, so jog on you failed us as a whole keep on this way there will be no way anytime soon of putting this country back together any you must know this THE POINT OF NO RETURN IS TO CLOSE TO IGNORE

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