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It won’t be Ed who pays the price

In private meetings it has been pointed out to Ed that his, so far very unclear, proposals to change the link with the Unions could cost our Party millions of pounds. His answer apparently is that doing what is right is above price.

Putting aside the fact that there are strong arguments to show that Ed is not “right”, what could the price be? It could mean many loyal staff losing their jobs, it could mean inadequate resources to fight the well heeled Tories at general elections. Thus it could mean Labour just losing a knife edge election.

Ed needs to ask himself why the Tories and their media allies are so pleased with what he is doing and why so many party members and trade unionists are demoralised. If we lose to the Tories this will mean untold misery for millions. The people we employ and the people who loyally vote for us will pay the price, not Ed.

We live in a totally unfair world where the dice are always loaded in favour of the rich and powerful. A Labour government is the only hope that our people have. It is beyond belief that Ed is prepared to put all this in jeopardy and to divert the Party’s energy and focus by making such a big deal of the obscure arrangements over levy payers.


  1. Roger McCarthy says:

    ‘Well-healed Tories’.

    I certainly hope not.

    Someone really needs to add a ‘are you sure you don’t actually mean x?’ homophone detector to browser spellcheckers.

  2. Rob the cripple says:

    Hype which is now turning into a serious problem for Labour, can it fight the next election with debt, have they had meetings with the Tories about state funding are the deals being done.

    I suspect they have.

  3. Sandra Crawford says:

    I am very worried for my children and the next generation. They are priced out of a home, many out of higher education, decent jobs are scarce, pay is low, and they may soon lose even univeral healthcare.
    They need a decent Labour Party. We need Ed Miliband to go back to what he said at the beginning – to ditch neoliberalism, and have a regulated economy. If he listens to economists like Michael Hudson, Steve Keen, and the positive money group, he would realise that neoliberalism is heading for the cliff anyway. We must turn back, as the banks have created so much money as debt that the economy cannot pay it in all events.
    We need government to create money, as with cash, money for which government gets the seniorage. Land taxes and wealth taxes, and renationalisation of utilities would bring in wealth.
    Labour could then rejuvinate public services, reverse the NHS bill, and give grants to small businesses. Also spend money on green energy and transport. We need this, and so does the planet. We cannot afford to support a greedy rentier class anymore.

  4. John p Reid says:

    Ed brought this on himself, I wonder if those who oppose him on this want more examples of union bosses telling the leadership what policies to have,

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