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Ed Miliband at the TUC – the reaction (video)

Coverage of TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady’s speech to the Trade Union Congress in Bournemouth yesterday from our friendsUnion News.  For more coverage of the TUC, click on the links in the Union News sidebar on this website.

Good short film on Ed’s speech with highlights and reactions, including from Kevin Maguire of the Mirror, Paul Kenny and Len McCluskey.


  1. Rob the cripple says:

    I have just seen on TV Liam Byrne answer the question of the bedroom tax and my cornflakes are all over the floor.

    He stated the bedroom tax is wrong it’s hurting the most vulnerable the sick and the disabled, bet that stuck in this throat.

    Is that enough for the working class, maybe I do not know he still has not said Labour would get rid of it. but we have hope.

    But the other question is if Labour disagree and if the sick and the disabled are so vulnerable why have labour stated last week they would cap the rises in benefits, seems the bedroom tax is bad, but keeping benefits to a 1% rise for four years is needed, maybe to pay for the removal of the bedroom tax.

    Middle England matters to Labour.

  2. Gary Elsby (expelled after 30 years) says:

    I nearly had a heart attack when I heard Ed come out with nonsense in the opening seconds of that short clip.

    You want what Ed, everyone to be a member, to have a say?

    Take it from me and with personal experience, being a personal Labour member is really quite worthless.

    In Stoke we have 2 parachute MPs, Cabinet members who have Labour membership for less time than I have been expelled (May 2010), Councillors I have never heard of (and not from Stoke) and ordinary former member who are boycotting membership that outnumbers those that have stayed.

    Those that have stayed pursue a policy of closure dreamed up before Cameron was elected (but Pickles is blamed).
    Care homes, parks, day centres libraries.

    Ed Miliband, you are a joke.

  3. Rob the cripple says:

    You forgot Royal Mail, Post office, yes we have noticed people joining a few months before they become MP’s or councilors and are given the jobs they have because they back the leader, give money to the party although that one failed to win the seat.

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