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Labour Conference 2013: Agenda

As a service to members wanting to follow conference from home on BBC Parliament, Left Futures presents the agenda for conference.

Sunday, 22nd September
Opening Formalities (Civic Welcome and CAC report)

NEC Chair’s Address (Merit Awards and Long Service; Awards and Obituaries)

“Rebuilding our Party” (General Secretary’s Report; NPF Chair’s Report; Campaign Co-Ordinator’s Report)

BREAK 12:45-14:15

“Education and Children”

Scottish Report

“Better Politics”: Equalities

“Living Standards and Sustainability” (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

Welsh Report

Monday 23rd September
Co-operative Fraternal Speaker

European Parliamentary Labour party Report

“Britain’s Global Role”

“Work and Business” (business and industry)

“Stability and Prosperity” (the economy)

BREAK 12:45-14:15

“Work and Business” cont. (work and pensions, jobs guarantee discussion panel)

Northern Ireland Report

Tuesday, 24th September
NEC Treasurer’s Report

NEC Auditors’ Report

Local Government Report

TUC Sororal speaker

“Living Standards and Sustainability” (energy and transport)

BREAK 12:45-14:15

Parliamentary Report by Ed Miliband

Wednesday 25th September
“Stronger Safer Communities” (Justice and Home Affairs; Housing and local Government; Culture, Media & Sport)

“Health and Care” (Health)

BREAK 12:45-14:15

Leaders’s Q&A

Closing Speech by Harriet Harman

One Comment

  1. Paul France says:

    It would be nice if I could access all the CAC reports and voting results….

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