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Unite has been vindicated over Falkirk. It’s time for others to move on

Falkirk CrisisUnite Scotland statement on the Falkirk Constituency Labour Party (CLP) selection by Pat Rafferty, Unite Scottish Regional Secretary.

That Unite did nothing wrong in the Falkirk CLP is now a matter of fact.

This was made clear by the Labour Party last week (Friday 6 September 2013) and more importantly by Police Scotland earlier last month.

Despite this, two Unite members, Stephen Deans and Karie Murphy, continue to be misrepresented by the media.

This campaign of mis-information is nothing other than a deliberate attempt to besmirch the reputation of Unite and our members by those who are pursuing an ill-conceived agenda.

It has to stop and this recklessness has now brought Unite to the point where we have no other option but to take action against any persons or papers alleging misconduct by any party or person of this union in relation to Falkirk.

There are clearly those who refuse to accept that Unite has done nothing wrong but their on-going efforts to smear our union is causing untold trauma to innocent people and their families.

These allegations and assertions – wrong to the core – impact on real people’s lives.  Livelihoods and reputations are being put at risk because some people are determined to pursue an agenda in the teeth of evidence to the contrary.  It’s unacceptable.

Our message is clear: Unite and our members have been vindicated.  It is time others accepted this and moved on.


  1. Rob the cripple says:

    So OK I know they have nothing to answer for and as such would it not be better to forget it let it go or are you saying you might take labour to court.

    If you want to forget it and get onto something else writing things like this will not help much, pity mind you Labour did not release the dossier, those pesky dossiers again.

    But if your wanting to move on do so, threats are no good unless your going to back them up and then your back in the media limelight again.

  2. James Martin says:

    Apparently Stephen Deans had been threatened with disciplinary action by his employer after Miliband refered this nonsense to the police, and yet still Miliband has not apologised to him, Karie Murphy or the local party.

    Just goes to show what a rotten spineless individual he really is, and I’m only glad that the useless prat didn’t get my transferable vote at any point in his election contest.

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