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Britain’s involvement in rendition is being swept under the carpet

In the last week or two before Xmas, always a good time to bury bad news, the government has repeatedly exploited its prerogative to prevent the serious misdeeds of several sections of the established powers-that-be being brought to light and appropriate penalties imposed. A few days ago the extremely serious issue of whether the UK was involved in rendition (covertly seizing a targeted person anywhere in the world and bundling them off to a prison, usually in the Middle East, where it was known they would be subject to severe interrogation under torture) was swept under the carpet by a government decision taken secretly within the bowels of Whitehall.

Amongst other cases this involved two opponents of Gadaffi being intercepted on their flights through the intervention of UK agents, detained and flown off to be tortured in Gadaffi’s dungeons. The inquiry by Sir Peter Gibson was suspended because of police involvement of possible charges against officials and the then foreign secretary. The government then promised for more than 3 years that an independent judge-led inquiry would examine the allegations, but has now abruptly announced that the investigation will instead be handed to the Intelligence & Security Committee (ISC), which is as good as saying the whole thing will be kicked into the long grass.

Gibson asked 27 searching questions about the whole affair, but now the answers, even if they’re investigated at all, will very likely not be made public. The ISC members are chosen by the PM, not independently by Parliament, and their hearings are almost always held in secret. Moreover its reports are censored before publication (and that assumes they’re published at all), in full consultation with the spooks on which it is reporting. So no chance at ever getting at the truth there.

What is so deplorable is not simply the UK’s almost certain involvement together with the US (again) in the scandalously illegal practice of rendition, but that the government can so easily block the truth coming out by the spooks’ scheming, the connivance of Whitehall officials, and the ministerial stroke of a pen.


  1. Rod says:

    Well done for high-lighting this issue, Michael.

    Once again it appears that the political elite, always ready to help one-another out, are able to conceal possible wrong-doing.

    As with most crime, it’s not the penalty that matters but the likelihood of getting caught. And like the Iraq disaster, there seems little chance of any senior politician being held to account. We should expect further offences.

  2. swatantra says:

    Fear of not getting caught is not a deterrent. Villians build ithat into their business plan; its an ‘occupational hazard’. And with terrorists getting caught is actually seeking martydom.
    Its smarter and more rigourous intelligence, and much quicker intervention by the authorities in getting villans and terrorists off the streets that will keep the rest of us much more secure in future.

  3. Lord Protector of England (acting for ill Oliver P) says:

    Keep digging on this subject Michael.
    Kuwait was horizontally drilling, hence US purchase of companies to shred any evidence.
    (Even vile dictators can be right sometimes).
    Ditto some ultra serious breach of British- Built Trusted-System for silver tech’, related to Muslims in Munich June 2001, and Haskell Library / Opera building across a border (now closed very, very recently).
    I am suffering the family consequence, of fathering twins opposite the whitehouse in September 2001; and being a witness against US/UK on handled civil documents.
    I am still not getting a Fair Trial or the evidence I need to get my internationally abducted children back (and a US Security Judge remains imposed).
    My travel details were stolen by GCHQ and the NSA / US has not appologized for leaking my name to muslim terrorists in Algeria Oil & Gas zone.
    Its easy to prevent unpleasant international child abduction proceedings by killing a party (eg. Diana Spencer and kids prevented from US a month before: mention that on your Council Tax Enquiry form and you get 2 policemen round where they think you live, or used to live, to search for evidence – using data stolen by GCHQ).
    It’s the paperwork that nails them; and yes, like expenses, it takes someone with enough balls to steal it.
    Thanks to my Lockheed father-in-law and NSA buddies, abuse of Big Brother for private domestic family custody is already happening.
    Had action been taken, we would not have had an attack on contractors.
    I am getting (Scots – No Magna Carta) attacked whilst trying to claim asylum abroad, in my B&B (police did not transfer report to new system), and Bailiffs unsuccessully tried to unlawfully enter my home by barging the door. Now I am to be denied Magna Carta protection of having a front door by compulsory purchase.
    Is it all such a coincidence on 1 person? Read Mel Gibson on “NATO Article 5, on what individual members can do, pending UN Security Council; without informing others”.
    Blair lost the plot on not being “Big Brother”.
    The Labour Party we all love, needs to root out all corrupted right-wing Blairites, and suspect expensed MPs (who weakly can’t oppose).
    Mass control only works by denying evidence and positions to those who cry foul.
    (Noting none of the expenses errors I spotted in nearby CLP’s MP were ever investigated. No Parliamentary Selections Complaints were fully dealt with. If you pick which parts you rule on, or which evidence, or who decides, then it’s a fix. It’s ALL a whitewash, ALL the time – that’s why the public don’t trust Politicians. And it’s not just Labour, all parties).

    I would not overlook renditions via England, as Breach of Magna Cart (Right to Fair Trial) is first debated as part of State Opening.
    There is the classic 1965 JFL Memorial Act – erm why are Scots and Irish MPs voting, when they don’t have Magna Carta in perpetuity?
    As a BMS/SCADA contractor building Heathrow-T5, I noticed plans had an ominous “CIA room”. When I officially enquired, it was simply re-labelled. Presumably, to seize terrorists in “no mans land”. Well, read the Magna Carta, England shall be in “perpetuity”, there are no such areas, including the sovereign City of London. In Breach of Magna Carta against myself, and being stalked to vbe murdered, I am Magna Carta sovereign in my home, to my English (Commonwealth) Parliament. (Read the rules when making the law!)

  4. Lord Protector of England (acting for ill Oliver P) says:

    If you haven’t worked it out yet, England may legally devolve before Scotland gets a Referendum. Worth £24K per worker.

    But in any case, my independent (free party whip) “Sod Scotland” (Free the turf) Referendum Yes campaign is accepting 2014 donations!

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