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Hard to believe Israeli shelling of civilians, hospitals & refuges wasn’t deliberate

Free GazaThe killing last night of sleeping children in a school in a refugee camp has been rightly denounced by UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, as a “serious violation of international law by Israeli forces” and “an affront to all of us, a source of universal shame”. The evidence also indicates that it was deliberate. The UN has said its officials had repeatedly given details of the school and its refugee population to Israel. The Israeli army would have known the exact co-ordinates of the refuge.

Nor was this the result of one stray shell since the school was hit by no less than five shells during the night. Nor was this an isolated incident. The attack on the school was the sixth time that UNRWA premises have been hit since the war in Gaza began over 3 weeks ago. The Israeli army (IDF) excused the action on the grounds that Hamas militants fired mortar shells from the vicinity of the school and Israeli forces returned the fire. But the UN said there was no evidence of militant activity around the school.

A similar incident occurred at another UN school last week as the playground was filled with families awaiting evacuation. Israeli denied responsibility for the killings, alleging that a single errant shell fired by its forces hit the playground which was empty at the time. UNRWA rejected this account since an initial shell was followed by several others within minutes, and reporters who went to the school shortly afterwards stated that the damage and debris was consistent with mortar rounds.

Equally Israel’s attack on the Gaza power plant yesterday suggests that the civilian infrastructure in Gaza is being deliberately targeted. Israel, never one to admit the truth even when it is manifest, repeated its mantra that it does not target critical non-military facilities. The attack on the power station indicates that the Israeli army is now applying the ‘Dahiya doctrine’ whereby Israel will use its overwhelming technology and firepower to destroy far more than strictly military targets. The idea is to use disproportionate force to damage civilian property and infrastructure with the aim of undermining popular support for the armed group in control of the area.

There is no other way to describe this deliberate destruction of critical non-military facilities and indiscriminate slaughter of defenceless people, 80% civilian and 20% of them children, than as international war crimes. It is doubly shameful that a nation that suffered so terribly in the holocaust can now use the arrogance of power to pound another nation into the dust. When all this catastrophe is over, Netanhayu and his cabinet must be indicted for war crimes at the International Court of the Hague, beyond the reach of any shameless US veto.


  1. Abdul AZIZ says:

    At present all we can do is react to situations as and when they unfold, we organise demonstrations, we march, we post photos and images on social media pages, we speak out to those willing to listen and what we get in return is meaningless words from politicians who purport to represent us but those very parliamentarians support Friends of Israel inside of parliament and a number of them including the opposition leader are Jewish MPs. How on earth can this be, it makes no sense to have Israeli sympathisers inside government claiming to represent British Muslims.

    I have given this great thought and it is all too apparent that the Jewish lobby in whatever guise permeates throughout British society, they control banking the press printed and broadcasted, arms industry, front line politics, local politics you name it they will have infiltrated it.

    So here is my solution it is based on the Israeli model that we have allowed to control our lives it is a slow eating away solution that the Zionists have used in America and Britain since the end of the Second World War.

    It is a simple logical step by step approach to owning the agenda. What we British Muslims have to do is to write to the two main political parties asking for a full current list of MPs who are members of the Friends Of Israel lobbying group.
    Secondly we then ask for a full list of Jewish members of parliament from each of the parties. Then we ascertain how much the Friends of Israel lobby group pays into each party and what the funding was for.
    British Muslims have more voting power in the UK than the Jews do and in our inner city areas we can dictate which party will be successful in winning the seat. So we say to each party we will not vote for a Zionist supporting candidate who is a friend of Israel.
    We state loudly that we will not vote for any candidate who has Zionist sympathies.

    You see my point is this since 1948 Israel has eating into our very political systems of government the President of the USA cannot be elected without Jewish American voters endorsement, we British Muslims have to use the same voter pressure that is used by the Jewish Americans so why is it we are not using it as a negotiating tool with the two main parties. I know that to get all Muslims voting the same way is an obstacle in itself but if our Imams use Friday prayers to get the message out that Muslims will talk with one voice when it comes to the horrors of Gaza it will make the establishment sit up and take notice.

    Our message has to be that our political elite cannot rely on the Muslim vote unless we get something back, there are many, many action groups out there that can bring an amount of pressure to bear on the political classes there are disparate organisations wanting the same outcome so we have to start being pro active and not as always seems to be the case being reactive being reactive means being wise after the event. It needs all these disparate groups to retain their autonomy but to speak as one.

    It has taken Israel some 60 years to eat its way into the political systems of the USA and the United Kingdom, we have a lot of catching up to do this might just be the start of having a voice. Our Imams can give voice to our Muslim youth who for the better part are a marginalised section of society let’s use their frustration by getting them to vote for candidates that have no affiliations with the Zionist Friends of Israel.

    Our politicians and the Zionists use the schisms within the Muslim diaspora as a mechanism of showing the world that we are a fragmented religion but wasn’t that the case in Northern Ireland. Isn’t it true that true Jews are against the barbaric actions of Zionists within Gaza.

    Greater minds than mine will have their opinions but I am forceful in my beliefs that both mainstream political parties have been highjacked by the Friends of Israel lobbyists.
    Tory support comes mainly from the Rothschilds dynasty they have a voice in government without any outward signs of that influence being apparent the same applies to the BBC their CEO is Rothschilds son in law. Until we can out the Zionist stranglehold on our politics we will suffer many more Gaza tragedies.

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  2. swatantra says:

    The Israelis are bad … but they’re not that bad, as to deliberatly target schools and market places. However if you go in for virtually blanket bombing in the densest City in the World, you’re bound to hit innocent civilians up to 2000+. Which suggests the Israelis are not bad … but just plain stupid.
    Lift the Blockade and get out of the Occupied Territories and collaborate with the Palestinians on One Palestine, and resolve this bloody mess.

  3. David Pavett says:

    Whether or not Israeli forces deliberately hit civilian targets the fact is that their whole strategy is aimed at degrading life for the people of Gaza and that is the purpose of the 8-year long blockade of the strip. Until Israeli’s elect a government determined to seek a rapprochement with Palestinians, to withdraw from the West Bank, vacate the colonies it has illegally established there, until that happens Israel will continue to follow the brutal logic of occupation: repression followed by resistance followed by more repression. Labour should commit to ending its support for Israel unless it ends the occupation. I say “should” but that is clearly not going to happen so long as it is felt appropriate to have a politician like Douglas Alexander in post as Shadow Foreign minister.

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