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Blair pays less tax as business continues to boom (for him)

greedy BlairTony Blair (trading as Tony Blair Associates or TBA) suffered a  in profits last year according to the accounts of some of the principal companies in his complex network of companies and partnerships he maintains, presumably to obscure his true ‘worth’ and earnings and to limit his tax liabilities. Profits of Windrush Ventures limited dropped from £2.8m to £1,2m (as a result of which tax paid fell from £514,000 to £293,000) although turnover held up well (dropping from £14.9m to £14.2m). The Financial Times says of these arrangements:

Making sense of this web of limited liability partnerships and companies would be a challenge even if TBA gave public guidance on how they fitted together: it does not.”

He has two groups of companies (named Windrush and Firerush dealing with his consultancy for governments and companies respectively) but most publish only very rudimentary accounts and in some cases none at all. Helpfully, his office, which provides no guidance or explanation of this structure, point out:

These accounts do not represent his earnings or the earnings or the profit of his businesses and are not referable to them.”

Nevertheless, Windrush holds £5m in cash and quite a bit of its £13m worth of “administrative expenses” will have gone in Tony’s direction, including paying for his lavish travel and accommodation expenses.

We are, however, assured that “Mr. Blair is a UK taxpayer and pays full personal tax on all his earnings worldwide.” So that’s alright then.

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  1. Jeffery Davies says:

    Yet were does all the atos monies goes I ask has the frenchman only takes two point two
    million from this company who else have their paws in thus company

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