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Jeremy Corbyn makes his pitch for the Labour leadership on Newsnight

Jeremy Corbyn makes his pitch on Newsnight, interviewed by Evan Davis, answering a wide range of questions: how Labour can win, why austerity lite lost us votes and drove people to UKIP, Green and SNP candidates, what he thinks about the monarchy and why he talked to Sinn Fein.


  1. David Pavett says:

    Jeremy Corbyn handles the interview very well. It will reflect badly on the PLP if he doesn’t get sufficient support for nomination.

    1. Robert says:

      Disappointing so many from the left are not even bothering they are running to the puppets. then again we do not have that many from the left any more.

  2. Gaye Johnston says:

    Well done Jeremy for having the courage to stand. There is now a real and choice not just a spurious choice between slightly varying shades of failed New Labour. I appeal to all democratic socialists in the Labour Party to support you

  3. Sue says:

    Even if JC doesnt get on the ballot paper I am going to write his name on and vote for him and no other. I am one of the people that are being bashed almost as much by Labour as by the Tories. I swear the right in the party would love it if those to the left all gave up on Labour. Tory and Tory lite in parliament is what we are heading for :0(

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