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Make sure your CLP nominates centre-left candidates for Labour’s national executive

CLGA Slate 2016 with slogan half width revisedYou have six weeks left (until Friday 24 June) to ensure that your constituency Labour Party nominates a candidate for election to Labour’s executive who can be relied upon to back the leader who was elected only 8 months ago with the strongest mandate of any Labour leader, and the programme he stood for.

So far, the Right wing slate run by Progress and Labour First have attracted more nominations from constituency parties than the centre-left slate backed by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) and Momentum. If Jeremy Corbyn is to be able to rely on the backing of Labour’s national executive, it is important that the centre left candidates improve their position.  Although Labour First describes itself as “moderate”, make your own judgements based on the views (in his own words) of its secretary and NEC candidate, Luke Akehurst. If you want to help us, please read on! The nominations received for each candidate so far are listed below:

Candiate Slate No
Ann Black Centre Left 57
Ellie Reeves Progress/Lab 1st 39
Bex Bailey Progress/Lab 1st 35
Luke Akehurst Progress/Lab 1st 34
Parmjit Dhanda Progress/Lab 1st 33
Johanna Baxter Progress/Lab 1st 30
Christine Shawcroft Centre Left 28
Pete Willsman Centre Left 20
Claudia Webbe Centre Left 18
Darren Williams Centre Left 16
Eddie Izzard Ind 13
John Gallagher Ind 8
Peter Wheeler Progress/Lab 1st *
Rhea Wolfson Centre Left *
* Unknown: not yet received home CLP nomination

Please note that figures are not shown unless the candidate has been nominated by three constituency parties (CLPs) including their home CLP. Full details of which constituency parties have made nominations can be found here. If your CLP has made nominations which are not shown, please let us know by emailing, if not then please let us know the date of the meeting at which that decision is being made and whether that is a delegate meeting or an all-members meeting.

If your CLP nominated Ken Livingstone, then please urge them to nominate Rhea Wolfson or another Centre Left candidate that they did not previously nominate.

In many CLPs, it is necessary or advisable for nominations to come through branches, so please try to get your branch to do so. If you want to help the centre-left candidates, please download this leaflet and take copies to the meeting of your branch or CLP.

Remember the closing date for nominations to be received by Labour HQ is Friday 24 June.



  1. John Walsh says:

    Apologies, a naive new member question – I’m under the impression that the election of NEC CLP reps is a OMOV process and that (beyond the need to satisfy the home CLP and 2 others rule) CLP nominations are merely a non-binding steer for members. After that I’m not sure – presumably, sometime in July (?) members receive a list of who is standing and are asked to vote for 6 candidates (?). What bothers me here is that many members (given the majority are new members) will have little idea what the significance of the election is, or even what CLGA means. Is it the case that the focus on CLP nominations might be missing the target – which should be about getting in touch with new members? I’m not sure if it follows that if CLP’s nominate that their members then become ‘NEC CLP rep election aware’?

    1. Matty says:

      You’re right John about the process. Getting the noms in is just the start but is also an important part of the campaign but as you rightly note, not enough on its own by a long way.

      1. John Walsh says:

        Thanks for confirmation of the process Matty. Are details about the election in the pipeline?

        I’m thinking of 1. when the list of candidates is finalised; 2. when and how members will be contacted; 3. what the voting period is (is it during the summer hols?); 4. how members vote (presumably by post or online?) and 5. when the results are announced.

        Also, it would be great to have some guidance on explaining the significance of the election: e.g. the role of the NEC, the influence of CLP reps at the NEC, sub-committees the reps might be on, the particular importance of the election at this time for Jeremy and the new member wild-card – how many are expected to vote and how many will look at the list and think ‘oh look, there’s Mr Izzard and just vote for him’ (does anyone know what platform he’s on?). Just regular campaign stuff really. I just wondered if anyone is co-ordinating things?

  2. Chris says:

    I will be voting Black, Shawcross, Willsman, Webbe and Williams and giving a write-in vote to Ken Livingstone.

    I won’t tacitly support his evil suspension.

    1. John says:

      Not helpful Chris. We are where we are with the suspension (a token meaningless gesture, won’t change it). A failure to vote for all six of the left candidates, will only hand at least one of the places to the right wing, is that what you want?

      1. The problem is that Rhea being on the slate is a stitch up.

        Regardless of the rights and wrongs of Ken’s suspension, the behaviour of the Party bureaucracy is appalling. And of those that collude with it, worse.

        Look at the facts. Ken is suspended and we are told the investigation, which should have taken all of ten minutes, won’t be completed by the time nominations close. This is clearly all about keeping him off the NEC.

        In these circumstances, if Rhea had any sense of honour and was a person of principle, she would not have agreed to replace him on the slate. I am afraid I cannot vote for her.

        If this hands one of the places to the right wing then it will be a case of the left reaping what it has sown. No good comes out of bad etc etc etc.

        1. Rob Bab says:

          Solid comment.
          “The problem is that Rhea being on the slate is a stitch up.”
          Yes a blatant stitch up but few can see it. Why?
          My feeling is a deal has been struck, now watch it play out.

      2. Chris says:

        The left doesn’t deserve my wholehearted support. What have they done to defend Ken Livingstone? What have they done to stop the witch hunt? Corbyn and McDonnell have gone along with it. Momentum too.

        1. peter willsman says:

          Comrades need to understand how key is control of the NEC.The Right fully undestand this,that’s why they are pulling out every stop.If the Right took control,JC would be replaced by C’mas.We have to have a sub. for Ken or we could let in the Right.I discussed this with Ken(who is a CLPD member)and he is on board with what we are doing.Rhea is a brilliant sub.

          1. Chris says:

            OK Peter, you’ve convinced me, but the left can’t go on like this.

            The right have taken the gloves off. They’ve gone nuclear. They’ve manufactured out of whole cloth an utterly false “scandal” with the sole purpose of getting Corbyn. They’re working with the Tories and the anti-Labour media (ie all the media).

            The left needs the cojones to stick up for its own, to dismiss the false accusations and take the fight onto its opponents’ home turf.

            Corbyn must lift all the suspensions now. What’s the point of him if he doesn’t?

          2. Rhea is not a brilliant sub for Ken. She has welcomed effusively the support of the Jewish Labour Movement, a Zionist group which is the British branch of the Israeli Labour Party and the motivating force behind the witch hunt. It has spoken out against the reinstatement of Jackie Walker.

            Does Rhea support the ‘anti-Semitism’ attacks which began with Corbyn and have resulted in numerous expulsions?

        2. Rob Bab says:

          They’re keeping their cards close, they know the stakes. Having one shit card on the slate don’t necessarily spoil the hand. Ken’s not gone he’s just resting 🙂

          1. Jim Denham says:

            I do hope the veteran Jew-baiter is gone forever.

            At least now I can vote for the whole slate, now that some elementary political hygiene has taken place and Mr Livingstone is no longer there to affront and insult all decent anti-racist Labour Party members.

  3. Bazza says:

    Yes and Momentum need to play its part too.
    Good point about getting straightforward information to new members.
    Back the candidates that back Jez!
    By the way the link to to the CLP nominations didn’t work.

    1. Bazza says:

      I call upon all socialists to back the 6 on the NEC left slate.
      Some may not be happy with how things were done this year but we can reform things for next year.
      With a minority of MPs and NEC backers left wing democratic socialists who want real change would be weaker.
      It’s as simple as that – back the Jeremy Six!

  4. tony nixon says:

    Ann Black will get no support from me and several other members in Stafford following her lies both during and after the interviews she conducted. I will remind her that all the defendants that she investigated had witnesses to her saying that we would be allowed a hearing. This was refused later in order to protect the guilty people who made anonymous complaints. She also followed this with a disgusting e-mail suggesting that all the defendants could not distinguish between individual members of the Party due to their race. I was in receipt of this e-mail in error however since she has not retracted it nor apologised for sending it I must repeat that what she says about me is untrue. It seems that there is a long way to go before there is honesty in this Party.

  5. Tony says:

    Thank you for your link to the pronouncements of Luke Akehurst. It is even worse than I thought.
    The holder of such views clearly deserves to get no votes at all.

  6. Stu Dewar says:

    Heads up – the “Full details of which constituency parties have made nominations can be found here.” link seems to be broken.

  7. Mick Hall says:

    Can someone get the link working or post where I can find full details of which constituency parties have made nominations as my CLP has not had meeting since Feb AGM.

    1. John Walsh says:

      As far as I can see, there isn’t a definitive list. Party officials will know but don’t expect anything from them. Momentum might have their own list but again, don’t hold your breath waiting for info. The LabourList website people are trying to maintain an up-to-date list – their last published list was on 23rd April (again, this is just their attempt to gather info – if a CLP isn’t listed it doesn’t mean they definitely haven’t nominated, just that they’re not playing ball with LabourList) …

  8. Bazza says:

    Vote Progress/Labour First get Labour in the UK like Scotland!

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