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Vote Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes for Labour’s CAC

Labour Party members can vote to elect two representatives to Labour’s Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC).

The election is a One Member One Vote (OMOV) ballot, with ballot papers starting to be emailed out in the week commencing Monday 17 July.

The Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance is urging members to vote for Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes.

Both will work to ensure that the Labour Party’s Annual Conference is democratic and helps build up Labour’s support.

A leaflet promoting a vote for the candidates can be found here (PDF) here (JPG).

Ballot timetable

Ballot distribution begins via email: Week commencing 17 July 2017

Ballot distribution begins via post: Monday 7th August 2017

Reissue requests open: Monday 21st  August 2017

Close of ballot: 8 September 2017 midday

Leaflets supporting the nomination of Seema and Billy can also be downloaded.


  1. Would it be possible if you can send me a voting, to vote for both Seema and Billy.


  2. Am voting for both Seema and Bill, could you send me a voting card.

    1. James Martin says:

      This is an online vote (by run by the Electoral Reform Society if I remember correctly) and if you are a Labour Party member and the Party has your email address (you would know if they have nor not given the almost daily emails and begging letters you get!) then you will get a security code sent to enable you to vote. If you have not got this, or don’t believe that the Party has your email details contact the membership department directly –

  3. Leslie Folwell says:

    Regards to the Labour’s Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) election. I am a member and considering my vote. The both of you are my best choice for my vote as you suit my criteria and based on that you are not on the Blairite group of dissenters. I’m quite impressed with Billy Hayes’s track record and work done over the years. However, I am a bit concerned on what your views, issues are on Brexit?

  4. Verity says:

    Whilst I have obviously voted for both in response to numerous appeals to do so. There are also calls to ask others to do the same and again I have obviously done so. But what I find odd is that none of the promoters have made any efforts to explain to the less committed exactly what these people will do which contrasts them with the alternatives. Outside of thin CV information which would be presented by all candidates whatever good or danger they present. So we are let with blind appeals to vote for the ‘good guys’ or we are left with the ‘baddies’. Imagine trying to promote these candidates at a CLP meeting, not knowing anything about them personally which I had contemplated until I realised I would just look ridiculous. asking people for a blind vote – just trust me – if not adequate political promotion. It also happens all the time by those for which blind loyalty without any precise reassuring reasoning comes easy.

    1. C MacMackin says:

      I was thinking much the same.

  5. t says:

    The above is true i will look for a more detailed explanation of why i should vote for any of these candidates in particular. all of the candidates sound reasonable according to their publicity leaflets, the info is a bit thin for people that dont know them and what they stand for. i will wait for the reply to verity and then decide

  6. Bazza says:

    Voted for Seema & Billy!

  7. Meriel McGowan says:

    I haven’t received my vote yet. I’m in Fylde CLP

  8. lyn nichols says:

    I have received a postal vote not online vote. I have been a socialist all my life but I never joined the Labour Party. My job in public services depended on Labour being elected in 1997 but I could never stand Blair. When I heard Jeremy speak about a fairer society, I cried, he said everything I had ever wanted to hear from a leader, I rang up and immediately joined the Labour Party. I have voted for Seema and Billy as I want as much support for Jeremy at the Annual Conference. We all know he would have been in No. 10 if he hadn’t had to stand twice. I have never known anything so undemocratic.

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