Lentils and lager: why we forgive tax evaders but not benefit claimants

by Jilly Luke.

Please note that there is now a supplement to this article including reaction to the response by Jack Monroe. Comments are now closed here but may be made on the new article. You don’t need me to tell you that everyone on benefits is a money-grasping sponger. Or that every asylum seeker is parachuted directly […]

Posh is not the same as clever

by Jilly Luke.

I would like to say that on my better days, I’m reasonably socially adept. I have a good handshake and normally manage to maintain eye contact, even though we all know this is not dissimilar to staring into the sun. Once I even managed to hold a perfectly pleasant conversation with someone who opened proceedings […]

Belfast, riots and class: a tale of two cities

by Jilly Luke.

The arrival of Swedish students to my Northern Ireland school was cheerfully described as an ‘exchange’ trip. But the closest we ever got to Stockholm was a jaunt down the road to IKEA. No – the icily beautiful Swedes would breeze into our lives, ruffle everyone’s feathers by saying our blazers and ties were “like […]

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