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Why Blair is the guy whose face is on the placard

by David Osland.

Richard Nixon famously told a press conference that he was ‘not a crook’. And in the sense that the late US president was never found guilty of anything whatsoever, the statement is factually incontestable. Likewise, Tony Blair is not a war criminal, even though contention to the contrary is a longstanding commonplace among anti-war campaigners, […]

Yemen’s calamity – blood on Britain’s hands

by Mike Phipps.

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) has published a new report, A Shameful Relationship: UK Complicity in Saudi State Violence by David Wearing. It exposes how the UK’s supply of weapons to Saudi Arabia for its devastating bombing of Yemen systematically violates international law. UK-made aircraft, bombs and missiles have been used in the bombing and […]

Trident advocates must answer their critics

by David Pavett.

On 23 February the Guardian carried an article entitled Labour’s Trident debate needs to be based on facts by former Labour Defence Ministers John Hutton and George Robertson who start by saying that disagreement over Trident is “legitimate” but that the case for nuclear weapons is “self-evident“. This ‘my opponent has a right to his/her views but […]

Iraq – the killing continues

by Mike Phipps.

Mike Phipps finds no grounds for optimism in recent developments 2016 began badly for human rights in Iraq. Here are some headlines from the first few weeks of the year, focusing on the crimes of ISIS. ISIS executes 80 people by firing squad in central Nineveh – Iraqi News (9 January). ISIS executes 12 people […]

The truth about Labour’s policy on Trident

by Guest.

This is a joint statement by a number of members of Labour’s national policy forum in 2014 The assertion keeps being made by journalists, MPs and Labour Party members that Labour’s policy making process has in recent years cemented a pro-Trident position.  It has not. We should be absolutely clear: during the 2010-2015 parliament, the national policy […]

Peter Oborne interviewed: “A soft apartheid towards Muslims is emerging in Britain”

by Owen Jones.

Peter Oborne is an anti-establishment Conservative and is anything but predictable. We talked about his belief that David Cameron’s government has constructed a narrative about Islam which distinguishes between ‘good’ secular Muslims and ‘bad’ devout ones, leading to a ‘soft apartheid’ emerging in Britain. We also discussed his surprising views on Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership, […]

Conventional warheads on Trident actually might make sense

by Andy Newman.

Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion that Britain could profitably employ Vanguard class submarines armed with Trident missiles, using conventional warheads, but with potential nuclear capability could make a great deal of military and political sense. The British state has a responsibility to protect the safety of citizens, deter and prevent attacks on British territory, and defend legitimate […]

Understanding the economics of Britain’s wars

by Michael Burke.

Britain is a very frequent participant in US-led wars. This stands in contrast to many other European states ranging from countries such as Sweden, to Spain, to Italy and Germany. The piece below examines the material reasons for this difference, and explains British politicians’ determination to join in US military adventures. The widely held view […]

Good lesson by John Redwood for Lord Mandelson on effective opposition

by Jon Lansman.

Every so often, a Tory politician exposes the hypocrisy of a Blairite far more effectively than we could. Such is the case in John Redwood’s very effective critique of Lord Mandelson today for wanting “Corbyn to  be more Blair like to justify his  support and recommendation. The first is the UK’s willingness to undertake  military […]

Attacks on Stop the War are attempt to stop democratic debate and campaigning

by Guest.

A reply from Stop the War to Phil Burton-Cartledge by Steve Bell, Murad Qureshi and Carol Turner On 12 December the London demonstration against the bombing of Syria heard the following message from Jeremy Corbyn. I want to thank the Stop the War Coalition, and all of you here today, for standing up against the […]

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