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How Labour can see off the Greens

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Political parties are always coalitions of interests, and nowhere is that truer than in our dear old Westminster parliament: practically the last bastion of winner-takes-all parliamentary elections in the world. All it takes to form a majority government is 325 seats, a feat that can be managed without winning an absolute majority of votes. And […]

Greens start legal challenge over GCHQ snooping in violation of “Wilson doctrine”

by Newsdesk.

Two Green Party parliamentarians are taking legal action against the Government over claims that their communications continue to be intercepted by GCHQ. Caroline Lucas MP and Baroness Jenny Jones have started legal proceedings at the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), the tribunal which examines complaints about surveillance by the country’s intelligence agencies and other public bodies. Lawyers will argue […]

Are the Greens Progressive?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Are the Greens a progressive party? Are they enemies of the labour movement that need combatting alongside the Tories, UKIP, LibDems and the rest? I ask because, as Graun readers may have seen, Ian Sinclair posed the question last week; “why does the left ignore the Green Party?” It’s a fair enough question to ask. Ian provided a […]

Nuclear: when one white elephant collapses, build another

by Michael Meacher.

It is almost incredible, but true, that the Government can build a MOX (mixed oxide) plant at Sellafield costing £1.5bn which lamentably and comprehensively fails to meet its manufacturing targets and therefore has to be closed down, yet then is determined against all the odds to build another one at a cost of £2-3bn. These […]

GMB members in dispute to break Kitcat

by Andy Newman.

GMB General Secretary Paul Kenny is to lead a march and demonstration of GMB members employed by Brighton & Hove City Council who will be striking over proposed cuts to their take home pay. Saturday 15 June 2013, 11:30 AM Assemble at Cityclean Depot, Upper Hollingdean Road, Brighton, BN1 7GA Meanwhile, GMB has welcomed a commitment […]

Brighton Green council planning strike busting measures

by Newsdesk.

The Green party in Brighton & Hove is planning ‘contingency measures’ in an attempt to bust a strike in Brighton by GMB members seeking to defend themselves from cuts in take home pay of up to £4000 a year. Yesterday GMB wrote to the Green leader of the Council, Jason Kitcat, to warn him that the use of agency […]

Bedroom tax: Labour should follow SNP lead

by David Osler.

Britain is about to witness the first co-ordinated attempt by multiple local authorities to obstruct a Westminster edict in almost three decades. Good news, but don’t dust off those ‘defiance not compliance’ badges just yet. Sassenachs who haven’t been keeping up may need to be told that eight Scottish National Party councils are to follow […]

Our biggest growth is in the green economy, but the Tories won’t listen

by Michael Meacher.

What now provides a building block for a genuine export-led recovery? Where is Britain still strong in advanced manufacturing and know-how? What is now a bigger UK sector than car manufacturing, aerospace or telecoms? The answer, which will surprise many, is the UK green sector. It is now worth more than £120bn a year, equivalent […]

Greens are largest party in Brighton

by Jon Lansman.

The Greens have gained ten seats in Brighton and Hove to become the largest party on the Council with 23 seats. Labour held its 13 seats whilst the Lib Dems lost its only seat. The Tories, who were only three short of a majority prior to the election, lost eight leaving them on 18. Caroline […]

AV: changing tactics & the shadow of UKIP

by Jon Lansman.

The Yes campaign is changing tactics. Facing the possibility of defeat, it’s trying to persuade us to be more anti-Tory than anti-Clegg.  You can’t blame them because the No campaign decided early on that putting Clegg centre stage was the way to win. Since then, it’s been a nasty and divisive campaign, on both sides. […]

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