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Brighton Green council planning strike busting measures

BrightonThe Green party in Brighton & Hove is planning ‘contingency measures’ in an attempt to bust a strike in Brighton by GMB members seeking to defend themselves from cuts in take home pay of up to £4000 a year.

Yesterday GMB wrote to the Green leader of the Council, Jason Kitcat, to warn him that the use of agency labour to replace striking workers is unlawful. We have now confirmed that the Council is moving a number of refuse vehicles ‘off site’ to be crewed by agency workers, and further that the Council is making moves to recruit additional agency resource.

In response to an article in today’s Brighton Argus newspaper the Chief Executive of Brighton Council, Penny Thompson, said

The Council is considering what contingencies it has, within employment legislation, to try to minimise levels of disruption to residents.”

She was supported by the leader of the Conservative Group opposition on the Council, Cllr Theobold, who said:

I think that residents would expect their council to have contingency plans in place to ensure that rubbish is not left piling up on the streets.”

Rob Macey, GMB Senior Organiser for legal services said:

It appears that the Green Party administration on Brighton Council is now gearing up for a full blown strike busting operation. These plans place them amongst the worst employers in the Country, with even the Conservative party in Brighton never having attempted such draconian measures.

The result of GMB’s strike ballot will be announced this Friday. Our members have received phenomenal levels of support and solidarity from across the Country, with thousands of people signing our petition against this huge cuts to take home pay.

Brighton Green Party should be ashamed of themselves, having stood on a platform of supporting Trade Union rights and fighting austerity. We are certain that the people of Brighton will remember these actions when they next come to the ballot box.”

The full text of the correspondence between the GMB and the council is published here.


  1. James says:

    Perhaps this wouldn’t have been under consideration if the GMB hadn’t discouraged its members from taking part in the consultation, or indeed hadn’t discouraged them from opening the offers from the Council. Perhaps if they hadn’t won discriminatory allowances for their male members at the expense of the women, this dispute wouldn’t be happening now. Not the Greens’ fault for trying to resolve it within the law and within the tight budgets set both by the Westminster coalition and by their Labour and Tory opposition locally.

  2. Rob says:

    Never mind green reds blues all the dam same

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