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For the Tories, housing is just another market chip

by Michael Meacher.

A right to decent housing does not exist in the Tory lexicon. Three Tory measures in the last few weeks are now exposing the ruthlessness with which a rigged market is cutting swathes through the housing needs of all the most vulnerable groups within the population. First, housing benefit is being abolished for all persons […]

Four ageing revolutionaries and a general note of unease

by Frances Docx.

29 years ago this month, Salvador Allende’s government in Chile was deposed by a military coup. Here, FRANCES DOCX reviews a novel discussing the legacy of this period in Latin American history. The Shadow of What We Were was difficult to digest. I was left with few absolute opinions and myriad questions. The novel has […]

Money for 3,500 troops for Olympics, but not for decent social care for elderly

by Michael Meacher.

The most strking aspect of the Coalition’s adult social care package is that it is riddled with internal conflicts. The Minister in last night’s Commons debate stressed the importance of preventive action, but how is that possible when intervention is confined only to when the elderly person’s condition reaches the critical category? The whole thrust […]

68 is too late: spread the word

by Jon Lansman.

Left Futures previously reported the establishment of the the ‘68 is too late’ campaign against increases in the state pension age, and urged you to sign the petition. The campaign is already supported by a dozen trade unions, the National Pensioners Convention and the National Union of Students. This is a campaign whose importance is magnified […]

Levelling down for public pensions, not for the rich

by Michael Meacher.

The agreement finally reached on the local government pension scheme after the government made significant concessions has rather less to do with official generosity than fear about the consequences if the scheme were so eviscerated that hundreds of thousands of local government workers might decide there was no point in continuing to contribute to it […]

68 is too late

by Jon Lansman.

Unite, PCS and the NUT have combined to launch a great campaign against a higher and escalating retirement age. Please do watch the excellent video and sign the petition. The three central tenets of the campaign are: We will retire into ill health. They want our children to work to 80. Our young people will end up on the […]

Is a Cinderella service tolerable for 3 million over 80?

by Michael Meacher.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission report ‘Close to Home’, published today, makes sober reading. Recent reports have all shown unacceptably poor and sinking standards for vulnerable people in care – in hospitals (Mid Staffs), in residential care (Southern Cross, Winterbourne), and now in domicilary care in their own homes (this EHRC report based on […]

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