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Why Aaron Porter had to go

by Owen Jones.

It’s official: Aaron Porter will no longer be the British student movement’s official figurehead. For only the second time since 1969, a NUS President will not serve a second term. To date, the NUS Presidency has proved a fairly pain-free launchpad for a glamorous political career that ends in a Labour Cabinet: ask Jack Straw, Charles Clarke […]

Aaron Porter: recruiting sergeant for the ultra-left?

by Owen Jones.

Are you a burnt-out paperseller for an obscure left-wing sect? Fed up with traipsing around shopping centres in the freezing cold on a Saturday morning, desperately trying to flog your rag to apathetic youngsters? Running out of creative ideas to make dialectics sexy for a whole new generation? Well – your days of chairing poorly-attended […]

Labour can be a home for this new movement….

by Darrell Goodliffe.

We can say with about 95% confidence that the government will win the vote to abolish the cap on tuition fees on Thursday. The Liberal Democrats will split three ways with some supporting, some abstaining and some opposing. However, those Lib Dems who oppose will be few in number and possibly even totally offset by […]

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