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Alexis Tsipras’ speech in London

by Newsdesk.

On Friday the 15th of March Alexis Tsipras, leader of the opposition in the Greek Parliament and leader of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA), made a speech to a packed Friends’ Meeting House in London regarding the austerity programme in his country and the resistance against it. The text of his speech is […]

Tsipras confronts neo-liberal blackmail – vote on austerity, not euro

by Ben Folley.

At the weekend, Europe’s neo-liberals stepped up their attempts to blackmail the Greek people into accepting the painful terms of austerity by creating a false debate on Euro membership being the decisive issue in the election. David Cameron, speaking in Chicago, said to them, “you can either vote to stay in the euro, with all […]

New poll points way to Syriza-led Greek government after new election

by Jon Lansman.

A new poll by Marc for Alpha TV in Greece puts left coalition Syriza in first place with 23%, up 6% from the result last Sunday. The poll asked how respondents would have voted had they known the result. Syriza gained support from across the board, 18% of those who voted at the weekend for […]

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