New poll would give Syriza half the seats in Greek parliament

Alexis Tsipras, leader of SyrizaThe latest opinion poll conducted by Palmos Analysis and published yesterday, records a 10.5% SYRIZA lead over the ruling right-wing New Democracy party, after don’t knows are excluded. This would be sufficient to give SYRIZA half the votes in the Greek parliament since seats are awarded in proportion to votes cast for all parties winning over 3% of the votes, but the first placed party receives an additional 50 seats.. The next election must be held no later than June 2016.

The detailed results of the poll are as follows: Continue reading

European elections: A rising left amid the far right danger

TSIPRAS_LAB_POSTER_Zoom1If you base your assessment of what’s going on politically in Europe on the BBC coverage of the Euro elections, you’ll be aware of the massive victory of the Front National in France and not too much else. The parallel rise of the far left was under-reported and where it was covered, the preferred terminology was ‘far right and eurosceptic parties’. Commentators seemed allergic to talking about a left victory. But left victory there was too.

While the big story was the shocking victory of Marine Le Pen’s party – the Front National moved from 6.34% in the 2009 Euro elections to 24.95%, a quadrupling of the vote – Syriza, the Greek radical left party, saw an even greater increase in its support. From 4.7% in 2009, it reached 26.55%, emerging almost 4 points ahead of its nearest rival, the rightwing New Democracy. Continue reading

Radical left could become third force in EU parliament, polls show

Tsipras & MelenchonThe radical left could become the third force in the European parliament, after the conservatives and social democrats, according to recent polls.

Syriza in Greece leads with 26.2 % support, followed by Portugal, Spain and France. With a month to go to the European Parliament elections, polls suggest the Parliamentary Group of the European United Left (GUE – NGL) could increase the number of MEPs from 35 members to between 50 and 60, potentially overtaking the liberals (ALDE).

Led by Greece’s opposition leader Alexis Tsipras, the biggest gains for the radical left will be in southern Europe, led by Greece where all projections show his party Syriza in the lead. According to Pollwatch, which compiles European surveys in all member states, the Greek coalition stands as the first force in Greece with 26.2 %. Continue reading

Alexis Tsipras backs mass demonstration in Paris against austerity

Thousands of people protested in Paris on Saturday calling for a change in the austerity policies of President Francois Hollande. The Front de Gauche, whose principle components are the French Communist Party (PCF) and the Parti de Gaunche, led the demonstration that declared “Hollande, enough!” and rallied “against austerity” and for “equality and the redistribution of wealth”. Continue reading

The Europe we want

Tsipras election rallyThe continuing economic crisis has revealed both the inadequacies and the limits of the process of neoliberal European integration. It is an integration centered on financial liberalization and a monetary union, which is itself enveloped by a mere replica of the German Bundesbank under the title European Central Bank.  It is a recession-bias process that accentuates intra- and inter-member-state inequalities and asymmetries, adds to unemployment, and spreads the web of poverty to the lower social classes.  It has been more an avalanche of capital against labour than an honest endeavor to promptly resolve the crisis. Continue reading