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Corbyn’s Labour will stop the Tories abusing liberty, removing rights and cutting living standards

by Grahame Morris.

An effective, credible and principled opposition has never been needed more. The Cameron Government have resumed their assault on working people in the Commons this week. The Trade Union Bill seeks to remove the democratic rights of working people and has been condemned by human rights organisations including Liberty, Amnesty International UK and the British Institute […]

Trade Union Bill represents major attack on civil liberties in the UK

by Newsdesk.

Liberty, the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) and Amnesty International UK yesterday published a joint statement condemning proposals in the Government’s forthcoming Trade Union Bill: The government’s plans to significantly restrict trade union rights – set out in the Trade Union Bill – represent a major attack on civil liberties in the UK. By placing […]

Hypocrisy of the Tory “workers’ party”: making it impossible to strike

by Michael Meacher.

Strike action, fox hunting, the BBC, Europe, migrant benefits – never underestimate the Tory capacity to identify things that aren’t problems and then attack them. The number of days lost to strike action is on average less than a tenth of what it was during the 1980s. It’s not even as though strikes are constant […]

How can we resist the Trade Union Bill?

by Keith Ewing and John Hendy.

Trade unionists met at the NUT’s Mander Hall in central London last week, united in their fury about Tory attacks on their civil liberties. What is at stake is an attempt to silence the trade union political voice and to emasculate its industrial power. Neither will succeed — trade unions are too important and their support […]

The “Lobbying Bill” – designed to bash unions not regulate lobbyists

by Michael Meacher.

The Tory MP, Douglas Carswell, noted that Graham Allen MP described tomorrow’s Lobbying Bill as a “dog’s breakfast”. But, Carswell added, “he is wrong of course. Far more thought has gone into pet nutrition than into this Bill”. In fact, Carswell is himself wrong. No political party could, without great thought and ingenuity, introduce a […]

The serious threat to trade union freedom: in your parliament this week

by Keith Ewing.

Last week the TUC expressed serious concerns about the far – reaching consequences of the government’s Transparency of Lobbying, Non Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill, due for a second reading next week. Such concern is hardly surprising, for this is a Bill that not only represents a threat to basic liberties generally, but […]

The trade union story the papers won’t cover

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Many thanks to Johanna Baxter for using her report back of July’s Labour NEC meeting to remind her readers what’s coming on the 29th of this month. I can’t imagine The Sun or the Daily Mail will be criticising this direct attack on the interests of the overwhelming majority of their readers.

Trade union freedom or growing inequality: your choice

by Adrian Weir.

Just before Christmas, the Liaison Committee for the Defence of Trade Unions and the Campaign for the Repeal of the Anti-Union Laws merged to launch a new organisation to campaign for trade union rights, the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom (TUF). Its launch rally is being held on 23 March at Friends House, London at 1:30 pm. […]

Unite conference agenda: motions threaten cut in Labour funding

by Jon Lansman.

The preliminary agenda for Unite’s biennial policy conference to be held in late June reveals grassroots pressure for a 20% cut in Labour funding  because of the party leadership’s stance on trade union freedoms and strikes against austerity and cuts in public services. A number of similar motions propose that, until the party changes its […]

Is Cameron about to declare war against the unions?

by Owen Jones.

Britain’s laws are “the most restrictive on trade unions in the Western world”, as Tony Blair once boasted. Our country is in violation of its obligations as a signatory to  various International Labour Organisation Conventions. Strikes can be overturned on the flimsiest of technicalities. The right-wing cry that Labour is somehow the puppet of its trade […]

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