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Corbyn’s Labour will stop the Tories abusing liberty, removing rights and cutting living standards

trade union banner_39An effective, credible and principled opposition has never been needed more. The Cameron Government have resumed their assault on working people in the Commons this week.

The Trade Union Bill seeks to remove the democratic rights of working people and has been condemned by human rights organisations including Liberty, Amnesty International UK and the British Institute of Human Rights.

New ballot thresholds effectively remove the right to strike. In the limited circumstances when they are achieved the Government will use agency workers to break strikes, in contravention of International Labour Organisation rules.

The Trade Union Bill risks criminalising firefighters, nurses and teachers fighting to create fairer and safer workplaces. The police will be required to monitor strikes with organisers required to provide their name and contact information as well as details of their campaign activities including any online content.

The Government’s Bill also limits political activity and burdens Trade Unions with onerous regulation and new reporting requirements which is intended to waste time and resources.

There is no justification for this Bill. There is no industrial relation crisis. So, why has the Government introduced new restrictions on Trade Unions at a time when days lost to industrial action is at an historic low?

The result of the UK’s restrictive Trade Union laws has seen real incomes fall as a share of GDP over the last thirty years. Trade Unions have been one of a few organisations opposing austerity, recognising that our ‘recovery’ is being built on a private debt bubble, as austerity fails to eradicate the deficit, increase incomes or improve living standards.

While gagging Trade Unions, the Tory Government will allow Hedge Funds and the Financial Sector, to wield unlimited political power, bankrolling a Tory Party rewarding them with tax cuts and tax exemptions.

As in 2010, David Cameron has abandoned pre-election promises once in Number 10. This week he has also introduced legislation to cut tax credits, making millions of working families’ worse off.

Austerity is failing. In a letter by leading economists, including a former member of the Bank of England’s monetary-policy committee, the Government were warmed their spending cuts will increase child poverty and remove support for the most vulnerable. The cuts to investment will prevent growth, innovation and improved productivity, and will over time increase debt due to lower tax receipts.

David Cameron is the real threat to your security taking away your human rights, labour rights, legal rights and welfare rights.

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn will be clear in our opposition to a Tory Government abusing our democracy, taking away your rights, and cutting your standard of living.


  1. Robert says:

    Well of course Unions need to fight this not just voters members of trade Union cannot sit on back sides any more the Tories are back, so what are you going to do moan about it. Membership of Unions have been going down especially in factories and shops and where Union are needed, so start working to get them going and stop giving Million to New labour Progress drones , but you did not and now we are seeing Union bosses going back to the house of lords and they are not saying no thanks I’m a socialist they are saying yes please.

    Unions want to fight this you know the way to do it.

    But some Unions also backed Blair to the hilt with money.

  2. Sam says:

    The unions are coming to the point where they largely only represent workers in the (decreasing) public sector. I don’t quite see why the present government are picking a fight with a movement which is becoming more irrelevant by the year.

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