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Parliament should have power to force Duncan Smith to resign over WCA deaths

by Jon Lansman.

The report that in just over 2 years up to February last year no less than 2,380 disabled claimants died within 2 weeks of being assessed as fit for work and then having their benefit either reduced or stopped altogether, is beyond shocking. It is arguably the most damning statistic yet of the sheer callousness […]

Iain Duncan Smith demands as many disabled people work as able-bodied

by Michael Meacher.

As part of the government’s plan to extract £12bn from social security benefits, IDS has announced his latest target is “the disability employment gap”. According to analysis of official ONS figures, this represents the difference between the number of disabled people who are in employment (48%) and the figure for the general population (73%). The […]

The political class won’t “reconnect” until markets are drastically reformed

by Michael Meacher.

‘Reconnecting’ is the buzz word for the political class. They all agree it’s necessary, but very few have any serious ideas about how it might be achieved, and through force of inertia they easily slip back into the old ways. What they don’t realise is that it’s more about their constituents feeling able to reconnect as […]

How did the disgraced Atos get a £184m disability assessment contract?

by Michael Meacher.

It is bizarre that the hated Atos, whose reputation was destroyed by its punitive mishandling of work capability assessments of the disabled, should be awarded a multi-million contract for the new personal independence payments across London and the south of England. In one sense it is not surprising because the Tories, having privatised major public […]

Disability protesters target Atos benefit test centres

by John Millington.

Disability campaigners laid siege to Atos assessment centres up and down the country today, in a bid to increase public pressure on the government to end what many see as a war against disabled people. Union activists, Disabled People Against Cuts and Black Triangle targeted 144 assessment centres where people are told whether they are […]

How many persons has Atos killed today?

by Michael Meacher.

“You have nothing to fear…It is a proud duty to provide financial security to the most vulnerable members of our society, and this will not change. This is our contract with the most vulnerable” That was Iain Duncan Smith in 2010. He added: “This government and this party don’t regard caring for the needy as a […]

New minister for disabled must be made to face the cruelty of ATOS & bedroom tax

by Michael Meacher.

With a new minister in DWP dealing with disability and a government increasingly riled by persistent reports of the mishandling of work capability assessments by ATOS, now is the time for a renewed push for fundamental changes in these two hated measures.   I continue to receive dozens of letters that tell heart-rending stories about […]

Abolish ATOS demands Skinner (video)

by Jon Lansman.

Dennis Skinner in his finest attack mode, trounces Cameron at yesterday’s Prime Minister’s questions, with the harrowing story of his constituent, a farmer and butcher from Bolsover, who was stripped of his benefit by ATOS, and then stripped of his sight, his hearing and finally his life by his cancer whilst waiting for an appeal.

Employment Minister Hoban forced to rethink Atos after critique from Spartacus

by Michael Meacher.

At a meeting with Mark Hoban, the ‘work capability assessment’ (WCA) Minister, a delegation of disability activists and I presented him with a systematic catalogue of all the main weaknesses, faults and failures of the whole WCA process. He was told in no uncertain terms that under the Evidence-Based Review new descriptors are needed now since not […]

When will Labour stand up against these assaults on workers’ rights?

by Michael Meacher.

The finding that more than a million British workers (not 200,000 as earlier claimed) are employed on zero-hour contracts tells you half of what you need to know about market fundamentalism in Britain today. The other half is that there are now 2,436 bankers in the City of London taking home more than €1 million […]

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