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Abolish ATOS demands Skinner (video)

Dennis Skinner in his finest attack mode, trounces Cameron at yesterday’s Prime Minister’s questions, with the harrowing story of his constituent, a farmer and butcher from Bolsover, who was stripped of his benefit by ATOS, and then stripped of his sight, his hearing and finally his life by his cancer whilst waiting for an appeal.


  1. Robert says:

    We have heard it all, but so what if another firms takes over the actual system is wrong but they know that this is about cuts and these cuts are hurting the poorest wait until we get to PIP’s.

    But ATOS is doing what it’s told Labour and the Tories could have sorted it out sadly Miliband is back again reading the Daily Mail comments section and jumping onto band wagons.

    Miliband I will sack ATOS why has anyone offered you a donation to take over, because it’s not ATOS mate it’s you and people like you not listening. I do not believe you your a liar

  2. swatantra says:

    I’m always a bit skeptikal of people saying ‘abolish this that and the other’ if they at the same time don’t come up with an alternative workable scheme.

  3. Robert says:

    Hammering down sounds about right to me Swat, change the sign on the Job center saying “Work makes you free”.

    Or why not use the real saying which we all loved so much in the national socialist movement “Arbeit macht frei”

    Mind you according to the Tories fracking would make this much cheaper these days.

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