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In remembrance of Sir Patrick Moore – the good and the daft

by Carl Packman.

Sir Patrick Moore, who Queen guitarist Brian May once described as the “father of astronomy”, died over the weekend, as many will have no doubt already heard. As I wrote something by way of a tribute to his work on Twitter and Facebook I was speedily reminded that he also had very hairy political views. […]

Is there bias on BBC Question Time?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Is the BBC in thrall to the liberal establishment? Do right-wingers take to the telly in disproportionate numbers? Does it really deserve its Tory epithet, ‘Buggers Broadcasting Communism’? Or is the BBC getting it about right in striking an impartial balance? Whichever way you look at it, these are not a set of questions likely to […]

BBC crisis: wishing for a new Profumo

by Lucy Reese.

Many, many years ago – OK, the late 90s to be exact – I worked on one of the first of the many ‘list shows’ I ended up making my living from. Most of these programmes were about TV, pop music or popular culture. This programme was called Top Ten Scandals and was about – […]

BBC-bashing: fashionable, but at our peril

by Lucy Reese.

One of my least favourite newspapers has to be London’s Evening Standard, also known as the Evening Boris, because of it’s slavish devotion to our ‘Mayor’. It used to be the sister paper of the Daily Mail until it was sold to an oligarch. The only thing that can be said in its favour is […]

A fictional school for the Gove era

by Conrad Landin.

The man in the restaurant was unkempt, and brandished a carrier bag. As he railed against the involvement of private money in education, as much as I agreed with him, I could feel the producers had set him up as the villain. But the start of the latest series did at least confirm that Waterloo […]

Tintin in the land of the Nazis

by Andy Newman.

A couple of days ago there was the most extraordinarily lazy piece of reporting I have ever seen on the BBC TV news. In response to the new Hollywood film of the Adventures of Tintin, the Beeb decided to feature Hergé’s “Tintin in the Land of the Soviets”, his first book. The BBC’s angle was […]

A shameful day for the BBC

by Andy Newman.

Who at the BBC thought it was a good idea to link a piece on Radio Four’s prestigious Today programme about the terrorist attack on New York ten years ago with the increase in Muslim population in Luton? What possible connection could there be, unless you seek to insinuate that there is a connection between the […]

BBC withdraws Question Time invite for Bob Crow to appear with Boris Johnson

by Newsdesk.

Transport Union RMT today slammed the BBC’s Question Time for “outrageous political bias” after an invitation to General Secretary Bob Crow to appear on the programme this evening with London Mayor Boris Johnson was withdrawn at short notice. It seems that Bob Crow has been replaced with Mark Serwotka of the PCS union.

Revolution and the rise of Al Jazeera

by Mark Seddon.

Perhaps it was unintended, but two or three weeks ago, at the height of the protests that were gripping the great cities of Egypt, the director general of the BBC, Mark Thompson, appeared on the channel’s flagship current affairs programme, Newsnight, in London as part of a debate on the future of newsgathering, and mentioned […]

How does David Cameron sleep at night?

by Jon Lansman.

Courtesy of Political Scrapbook, from last night’s One Show, has credits were cued to roll, Matt Baker smiles icily before asking the Prime Minister: ‘Just very quickly, how do you sleep at night?‘ Baker clearly meant it as a barb — just listen to co-presenter Alex Jones’ shocked gasp.”

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