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The plot to topple Berlusconi

by Tom Gill.

Much as many were relieved to see the back of Silvio Berlusconi as Italy’s PM during the height of the Eurozone crisis in 2011, the revelations by Tim Geithner should have all democrats including those on the Left deeply worried. EU officials approached the former US Treasury Secretary in November of that year with a plan to overthrow the billionaire media […]

Is it all over for Silvio?

by Tom Gill.

Is it all over for Silvio? This question has been asked repeatedly over the past twenty years since the billionaire media magnate entered Italian politics. Today the answer has never looked more like a Yes. On Wednesday the former prime minister was forced into a humiliating u-turn as plans to topple the government by withdrawing his party’s […]

Italy’s centre-left is dead, long live the Italian Left!

by Tom Gill.

The ‘grand coalition’ between the Democratic Party and Berlusconi’s right-wing People of Liberty party means it’s time to say goodbye to the ‘centre-left’ and hello to a new Italian Left, says Marco Sferini. For the first time after the death of the Christian Democrats and the Italian Communist Party , the bourgeois forces find themselves […]

Italy shows the weakness of the European left

by Ben Folley.

The latest general election to take place in Europe, this time in Italy, seems to confirm that the political left across the continent will continue to suffer if it fails to present an inspiring alternative to austerity. I say seems to – Italian politics and its shifting party names and electoral alliances makes it difficult […]

Italy passes hire and fire labour ‘reforms’ but no hope of jobs or growth

by Tom Gill.

The government of Mario Monti has passed labour ‘reforms’ that will make it easier for employers to fire workers. The vote, after months of haggling in parliament, came as workers and their unions protested against the measures that seek to dump the costs of an escalating crisis of the global banking sector and the Euro […]

Farewell to European democracy?

by Michael Meacher.

So the honest and decent Papandreou is forced out because he wanted to give the Greek people, who would bear the weight of the cutbacks, a chance to express whether they accepted them, however reluctantly, or whether they would take the alternative option of a default and leaving the euro. The corrupt and despicable Berlusconi […]

Italians deserve better than Berlusconi

by David Osler.

It is fortunate indeed for New Labourite lawyer David Mills that he took a £400,000 bung from Silvio Berlusconi in 1999 rather than 2000. Were it not for Italy’s equivalent of the statute of limitations, he would now be around a quarter of the way through a four year jail term in whatever qualifies as […]

Blairites party with Murdochs, 24 hours before Milly Dowler story broke

by Jon Lansman.

After Ed Miliband’s most successful week as Labour leader in which his bold and forceful stance against corrupt and depraved practices has brought the Murdoch empire to its knees, the Blairites, always too fond of fraternising with the rich and famous, have put those efforts in jeopardy. According to the Mail on Sunday, only 24 […]

It’s the Right, not the Left, in retreat across Europe

by Michael Meacher.

One of the perils of politicians is that no sooner have they made a grand pronouncement on the sweep of history, as they perceive it, than events immediately conspire to prove that they had totally misread the runes and that the opposite is true.   That seems the fate of David Miliband who a month or two […]

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