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Between frenemies: what are those British values anyway?

by Jon Stubbings.

As the fiasco over Birmingham’s schools continues, what’s really going on in Whitehall? As “overheard” by JON STUBBINGS Cameron: Now then Michael – what’s all the fuss about this school in Birmingham? I thought you hated Muslims. Gove: Yes David, of course I do – you know that I’ve turned down way more applications to […]

Labour Party must pay £123,000 compensation to sacked Asian councillor

by Jon Lansman.

The Labour party has been ordered by an employment tribunal to pay former Birmingham Labour councillor Raghib Ahsan £123,000 after a 13-year legal battle. Although Raghib’s legal costs were funded by the Commission for Racial Equality, Labour’s own legal costs will bring its total bill to well over £500,000. Raghib Ahsan, although now a solicitor, […]

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