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Chuka Umunna takes on the Blair mantle

by Jon Lansman.

Most newspapers and the BBC this morning carried a story based an in interview with Chuka Umunna in GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) – “Brown ‘cuts’ denials hurt Labour’s credibility” as BBC News put it. As I write this, the issue of GQ is not yet out (as I embarrassingly discovered after wasting £2.50 on the September issue) […]

Labour’s united against NHS privatisation (well, almost)

by Jon Lansman.

At last Labour is united against privatising the NHS: Andy Burnham has attacked “the sheer audacity of the [Tory] plan to treat the NHS as another utility to be broken up and privatised.” He is clear that “the market is not the answer to 21st century care.”(Andy is not top of the shadow cabinet rankings by a […]

The Blairite rats are out of the woodwork again

by Michael Meacher.

The Blairites never wanted Ed Miliband to win the leadership and when he unexpectedly did, they have never missed an opportunity to gossip against him from the sidelines. Some like Dan Hodges (son of Glenda Jackson) regularly spit out their vitriol and bile against Ed in the in the Tory press, others more insidiously give […]

The Blairites are wrong about the deficit

by Michael Meacher.

It’s always good to know that the Blairites are worried because it normally means that Ed has taken another step which will help win the next election. And so it is this time again, with Ed promoting proposals to stop exorbitant rent rises and looking to end some of the privatised rail franchises. In response […]

Unite has been vindicated over Falkirk. It’s time for others to move on

by Pat Rafferty.

Unite Scotland statement on the Falkirk Constituency Labour Party (CLP) selection by Pat Rafferty, Unite Scottish Regional Secretary. That Unite did nothing wrong in the Falkirk CLP is now a matter of fact. This was made clear by the Labour Party last week (Friday 6 September 2013) and more importantly by Police Scotland earlier last month. Despite […]

The Blairites: strong, arrogant and oblivious to the wishes of Labour members

by Jon Lansman.

There is no doubt that the Blairites have had a rough few years. As they see it, Brown, the Pretender who hated the Great Leader, undermined him and forced him out. No sooner had the usurper stolen the Great Leader’s job, than he demonstrated that he wasn’t capable of doing it himself, didn’t really believe in ‘reforming’ public […]

Yes to a union voice, no to state funding

by Mark Seddon.

July has been a hot month. It has been especially hot in the hothouse world of Westminster politics, where lobby hacks mix with media savvy politicians, stories and plots are hatched and exposed. In the immediate aftermath of Ed Miliband’s shock announcement that in future he wanted Labour’s affiliated members to ‘opt in’ to party […]

The Blairite plot to discredit unions in general and Len McCluskey in particular

by Jon Lansman.

The contents of the secret report into what happened in Falkirk have now been revealed. Seumas Milne in the Guardian comments that “given the thin gruel offered up by way of evidence” it’s not hard to see why it hasn’t been published. Nevertheless, the report does find that Unite is not directly responsible for what […]

Falkirk, and the developing row between Labour and UNITE

by Andy Newman.

The placing of the Falkirk West CLP into administrative measures is the latest battle in what George Eaton at the New Statesman describes as “a war” between UNITE the union, and the Labour Party. In fact the Blairites in the party, are engaged in a concerted campaign to challenge trade union influence more generally. This became apparent in the synthetic “outrage” that […]

Progress seeks to undermine Ed Miliband, again

by Jon Lansman.

In the pre-publicity for its annual conference, Labour’s right-wing party-within-a-party could not resist making another attempt to undermine Ed Miliband. Based on an unoriginal and entirely underwhelming Progress article by Peter Kellner, the Guardian’s Patrick Wintour was briefed with the flimsiest of evidence to run a negative story headed Labour election victory in 2015 looks […]

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