Owen Jones is as bad as Hitler?

That there Owen Jones, he’s worse than Hitler. Well, maybe not worse but equally as bad. At least according to Simon Danczuk, the Rochdale MP who recently caused a row by openly backing the planned change to extend the aigning on waiting time from three days to a week. According to Simon, the far left are as equally dangerous as the far right because their political positions are as equally unrealistic. I don’t disagree in fundamentals, but there is absolutely no equivalence between the extreme left and the extreme right. But before we move onto that, it is worth pointing out the Unite farrago is getting used as an occasion for all kinds of left-bashing. We’re not talking Leninism here, but anything that smacks of the 1992 Labour Manifesto is ripe for a potshot. If only some of these people attacked the Tories with equal gusto. Continue reading

UKIP faces BNP entrism

It will no doubt be a cack-handed operation, but entrism within UKIP is – apparently – what the BNP are planning to do.

This from Nick Griffin’s “analysis” of Thursday’s election results on the BNP’s website.

Join us – or do this!

If, for whatever reason, anyone who thinks of themselves as a nationalist isn’t prepared to join us and lend a shoulder to our wheel, then there is one other useful thing they can do:

That is to join UKIP or to put in effort in the social networks to find and influence those who have. Continue reading

Student newspapers: no place for fascists

Last week the Leeds Student – an official paper of Leeds University Union – defied their union’s ‘no platform for fascists’ policy and published an interview with Nick Griffin, both in their print addition and online. The interview since also been published by Cardiff University’s SU paper.

In response to this appalling decision students from Leeds and across the country are uniting behind a campaign demanding that the paper revoke their decision and take the article down.

In the interview, Nick Griffin defends his links with the Ku Klux Klan. He alleges that civil partnerships will mean that “children will die over the next few years” because it undermines the institutional of heterosexual marriages. He also attempts to justify the BNP’s policy of “an all-white Britain” – a policy that can only be achieved through the ending of democracy and violently removing millions of Black people from Britain.

Continue reading

The left are more realistic about the working class vote than some think

Since the publication of Progress’ Class edition, and the polling that has been done through YouGov, there seems to be some confusion about how the left perceive the voting behaviour of working class people in Britain.

Reading Luke Akehurst’s fair piece on LabourList, aside from the harsh reality-check that working class voters in this country are not all egalitarian socialists, one gets a sense that the Labour left ignores this reality and pursues wrongheaded politics regardless.

I would like to challenge this myth, while exposing the dangers of going too far the other way and pursuing only a politics based on the polls of the day. Continue reading

Swansea Shenanigans: never mind fascists and incompetents, stop the socialists

Regaining control of Swansea City Council after 8 years in opposition is Labour’s prime target in Wales, and one of its key targets across the UK. In a ward with a history of far right political activity (including entrism within the Labour Party), and less than a week before close of nominations, Wales General Secretary, David Hagendyk, has suspended one of the candidates in a key target ward.

Was the comrade a slacker? On the contrary, Uta Clay was acknowledged as having knocked on more doors in this campaign than any other candidate in Swansea. One of the remaining candidates, on the other hand, has persistently ignored all demands from David Hagendyk to get off his backside and do some work. Continue reading