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UKIP faces BNP entrism

It will no doubt be a cack-handed operation, but entrism within UKIP is – apparently – what the BNP are planning to do.

This from Nick Griffin’s “analysis” of Thursday’s election results on the BNP’s website.

Join us – or do this!

If, for whatever reason, anyone who thinks of themselves as a nationalist isn’t prepared to join us and lend a shoulder to our wheel, then there is one other useful thing they can do:

That is to join UKIP or to put in effort in the social networks to find and influence those who have. Over the next few months, UKIP will sign up thousands of new, mainly newly politicised, members. Most of them are not merely patriotic, they are also instinctively, though at present totally incoherently, nationalist and racially aware. They don’t really belong with Farage and his internationalist big business set at all.

It will not take many people within UKIP to set about the quiet, careful promotion of genuine nationalism in order to create an underground ideological tendency. Done systematically, this can bear big, juicy fruit for real nationalism in the future. UKIP is growing too fast to be stable and it contains too many fundamental contradictions to avoid explosive divisions in the future.

Those nationalists who are not willing to be with us in the BNP should take note of this massive medium-term opportunity and get to work to seize it. We’ll be doing our bit too, but the more who move in and spread nationalist groundbait in the expanding UKIP pond the better.

This first appeared at A Very Public Sociologist

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  1. Tom Tidswell says:

    Methinks I smell the dirty tricks’ department of The Establishment doing their best to put ordinary voters off UKIP.
    In terms of BNP wanting to play politics through UKIP, it might do BNP good to come up against honest English patriotism and good common sense. Seeing that neither quality is present in the Westminster Parties, it is time all the politicians wised up and recognised that there is a valid mass party that will see them off – UKIP.

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