Elections to Labour’s national executive: do you want a member-led party or don’t you?

When I’ve finished writing this blog post, I’ll be heading over to my inbox to send my National Executive Committee votes off for Yasmine Dar, Rachel Garnham and Jon Lansman. For obvious reasons this internal contest has been portrayed as pro-Jez or anti-Jez; you’re either for him or against him. Yet it’s worth remembering this isn’t a case of Corbyn supporters motivated by the Labour leader’s celebrity or unassuming style. It’s about politics, and the Labour right, who don’t really have any politics beyond hating the Labour left, would do well to remember the appeal of Corbynism is explicitly political. If you happen to be reading this and haven’t made your mind up, these words might be of some use. Continue reading

CLPD recommends first preference for Diane Abbott, second for Sadiq Khan

Diane for MayorThe London Labour Party is selecting its candidate to fight next May’s London Mayoral election. The ballot will take place alongside the leadership contest, from 14 August to 10 September. The position of London Mayor has important powers in the areas of transport, fire services, planning, policing and the environment. The Mayor also champions the interests of London with a significant campaigning platform. So London Labour is selecting someone to run and improve the capital’s services, who will speak up for London and challenge Tory policies.

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) is wholeheartedly backing Diane Abbott as the main centre-left candidate in this contest. She opposes the government’s austerity proposals and is one the few Labour MPs who voted against the Tories’ Budget Responsibility Charter which requires a further £30bn cut to public services. Continue reading

Campaign for Labour Party democracy points the way forward

CLPD logoThe Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD held its annual general meeting, its 42nd, on Saturday (28 February) at Conway Hall in central London.  Ove)r 80 CLPD members and supporters attended, and there was much discussion and debate on the way forward for the Labour Party.

Chair Gaye Johnston introduced Kelvin Hopkins MP as first speaker.  Kelvin opened his Parliamentary Labour Party report highlighting the urgent need for the Party to move leftwards.  On the doorstep, he said, people in England were voting Green, and in Scotland going over to the SNP, with the SNP calling Labour “Red Tories”.  Ed Milliband has moved slightly to the left, but he continues to be surrounded by Blairites.  Continue reading

What is the future of the Labour-union link?

CLPD logoAfter Collins, what of the future? Of the collective link between the Labour Party and the trade unions as organisations representing the organised working class? The composition of the implementation committee is quite encouraging, and its actions may avert our worst fears in the immediate future. For example, Labour Uncut have suggested that the implementation committee  might change the basis of the London mayoral primary, and any early leadership election so that union members can be fully involved. They, of course. wish to prevent that. So the battle continues to preserve effective union involvement in party decision-making. Continue reading

Campaign to defend the Labour Party-Trade Union link

Defend the Link model motionThe Labour Party is calling on its members to let its leaders know by Friday 13 September what they think about Ed Miliband’s proposals on “building a better Labour Party, so we can build a better Britain.”

Tell us how you’d build a better Labour Party – a party that is rooted in the hopes of the British people, that reaches out to every community in the country, that has members and candidates from every walk of life.

Continue reading