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Unions have united for Labour victory. The party must respond to union concerns

by Billy Hayes.

All the signs are that Labour can form a majority government in 2015. Lord Ashcroft’s larger opinion polls all indicate that the Tories and Lib Dems are going to lose a lot of seats to Labour. David Cameron seems to agree. This realisation forced him into a large Cabinet reshuffle in an attempt to find […]

What is the future of the Labour-union link?

by Peter Willsman.

After Collins, what of the future? Of the collective link between the Labour Party and the trade unions as organisations representing the organised working class? The composition of the implementation committee is quite encouraging, and its actions may avert our worst fears in the immediate future. For example, Labour Uncut have suggested that the implementation committee  might change […]

Why one union wasn’t convinced by Labour’s reform package

by Ian Hodson.

On Saturday March 1st, the Bakers’, Food and Allied Workers’ Union (BFAWU) opposed a proposal supposedly geared towards transparency and democracy in relation to the link between trade unions and the Labour party. We were one of the only unions to do so. We opposed it for a number of reasons. Had I been given […]

The return of the Whig Party

by John Lilburne.

Lord Andrew Adonis, former SDP councillor, turned Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, former speechwriter to Paddy Ashdown and latterly a New Labour Minister has told The Observer that he is right behind Ed Miliband’s ‘party reform plans’.  Lord Adonis is conincidentally heavily involved with Lord Sainsburys’ militant tendency, Progress organisation. Well, to paraphrase Mandy Rice Davies; “he would […]

Shock as Young Labour rejects Collins reforms and votes to defend the link

by Conrad Landin.

Young Labour conference today delivered a damning verdict on the Collins Review of the Labour-union link – voting to mandate its delegates to vote against the proposals at the upcoming special conference on 1st March. The party’s youth wing’s two-strong delegation carries 25,000 votes in the affiliates section of annual and special conferences. Though this […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s February special executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 4 February 2014 This meeting was called to agree the proposals for party reform which will go to the special conference on 1 March.  The paper before us was labelled Draft 18, and someday I would love to follow its evolution through the previous 17 drafts.  The final version, after amendment by […]

After Collins: how will the unions respond?

by Andy Newman.

There is certainly a plausible argument that Ed Miliband has been one of the most effective leaders of the opposition in modern British history, demonstrating an ability to set the political agenda that exceeds what either Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair achieved from the opposition benches. Miliband has stood up to the power of the […]

Collins Review: Miliband successfully digs himself out of hole. Labour remains in hole

by Jon Lansman.

When I read the email from Ed Miliband to all party members yesterday afternoon, I thought Left Futures should run a competition with a prize for the first person who could identify ‘Paul’, the possibly mythical figure who it is said has joined the Labour Party because of the ‘reforms’ now backed by Labour’s national executive: I […]

Seven reasons to be wary of the Collins proposals

by Jon Lansman.

The so-called debate on Ed Miliband’s proposals for party reform are at an end, it seems. The Collins report has been circulated toLabour’s national executive whose members have, on the whole, had no influence whatever on its content just in time for their endorsement tomorrow. The report makes no attempt to summarise party members’ opinions […]

Smith’s reforms didn’t “change perception”, so why should Ed’s?

by Conrad Landin.

Do you remember the last time you knocked on someone’s door and they said the problem with the Labour party was that union members must opt-out of affiliation, rather than opt-in? I didn’t think so. At least, in five years of knocking on doors, it’s never happened to me. I’ve had lots of people talk […]

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